Separation Management

There may be various reasons for employees to leave their jobs such as better career prospects, retirement, downsizing, redundancy, mergers & acquisitions, or the occasional entrepreneurship bug. Despite the reason, the process carries a huge administrative load that has to be borne by your in-house HR team. There is an absolute necessity to make an employee’s final interaction with the HR team, a pleasant experience.  The process involves some exhaustive tasks such as ensuring proper return of your company assets, notifying insurance provider to stop coverage, compliance with the governing regulations and proper settlement of post-exit benefits.

Neeyamo has the domain expertise and vast experience to handle employee separation across various industries. While Neeyamo ensures a quick, responsive and efficient support, your HR can focus on creating the “lasting employee experience.” We offer a full suite of end-to-end separation management solutions from separation initiation to exit and post-exit formalities. While your HR managers invest time on direct relationship with the employee(s) during the separation process, we take care of your administrative needs and provide a smooth, hassle-free experience for the exiting personnel.

Enhanced separation management solutions for a US based multinational conglomerate

Our expertise

Streamlined Exit Process

Neeyamo offers to handle your entire separation management process encompassing process initiation (notice of separation), pre-exit, exit and post-exit stages across all the countries where you operate. The solution enables our customers to standardize their exit management process across multiple countries. The benefits include a best-in-class service characterized by effortless experience, efficiency, and enrichment of separation process.

Proactive Post-Exit Support

Separation doesn’t end right after the exit formalities. The tedious task of post-exit settlements and other benefits would still continue to pressurize your HR team. Neeyamo’s solution for separation management includes proactive support for post-exit activities such as conducting pulse surveys and analysis, ensuring receipt of final settlement, providing benefits support, separation analysis, attrition reporting and ex-employee helpdesk. We also manage post-employment reference calls thereby truly extending our services and becoming your single source for all matters pertaining to the separation process.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee experience is essential during separation to preserve your organization’s reputation among exiting employees. Heavy administrative work at the time of an employee’s exit could distract your HR from focusing on connecting emotionally with your employees at that crucial time. The resultant will be a hasty process that lacks a proper farewell leaving an unpleasant impression on your employee’s mind. With Neeyamo accountable for all your administrative process, your employees can have the best experience whilst your HR team is free from cumbersome paperwork to pay more attention to the leaving personnel.

Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

Exit analysis and reporting are key to understanding areas of improvement and are also important during audits to project accurate information. Missing employee data cannot be obtained once an employee leaves the organization and lack of proper records could have legal consequences under certain circumstances. Neeyamo offers to be your single point of contact for reporting and analysis pertaining to a separated employee. Be it separation analysis, attrition report or other information regarding separation, Neeyamo will promptly provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive data.

While globalization is a boon for any multinational organization, it comes with its own set of bane like having a skewed distribution of employees dispersed across a "Long-Tail" of countries.

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Neeyamo offers to manage your entire global HR process from hire to retire delivering irresistible administrative and cost benefits with unparalleled quality. Neeyamo’s services are driven by powerful technology, strong global footprint and profound and evolving domain expertise that seamlessly blends with your global HR process for an optimized solution. Our port-folio of HR solutions that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our services include