Operations Support

Sometimes it may not be possible for an organization to integrate their platform with a NeeyamoWorks Screening™. Common reasons for this may include budget constraints or prioritizing other areas of the process. This calls for manual interventions and labour-intensive processes of order creation, data entry, and status updates.

Neeyamo has the perfect solution to alleviate your workload even without integration. We extend our operations support by handling the order creation, data entry, SSN trace, package creation, etc. Depending on your requirement our team of experts will collect the data from your system, create orders and deliver the results without integration or high level of manual support from your team.

Background screening is our core competence – we can free up the bandwidth of your HR and recruitment team to do what is core to them!

Streamlining pre-employment screening process of a billion dollar technology and services company

Our expertise

Professional Expertise

Neeyamo has years of experience in providing background screening services. Our operational support is delivered by background screening experts with a high level of expertise in this domain. Our professionals will mitigate the burden on your in-house team by taking over the non-core activities performed before or after the actual verification work.

Flexible Support

Neeyamo’s operations support is flexible and can be made available as per your requirements. Depending on your needs, our team will handle processes on your platform and keep it up to date. Customers can request particular service(s) that they would like Neeyamo to undertake on their behalf and consider it done.

Focus on Quality

Multiple levels of quality controls are in place to eliminate errors in the output delivered to our clients. Maker-checker will help reduce Neeyamo’s operations team is composed of well-qualified experts including six sigma black belts who ensure that our quality standards adhere when performing tasks.

24x5 Support

Our experts are available 24x5 to provide you with the operational support you need for your global HR operations. Neeyamo’s professionals will fit into any time zone across the globe to provide uninterrupted operational assistance to our customers.

Vivek , Chief Client Partner at Neeyamo has extensive experience in the world of HR and Background Verification. Hear his share his thought on how employee screening goes beyond just 'criminal checks' in alot of APAC countries.

Global Screening – A world of a difference

We can do a lot more for you

Neeyamo can be your background screening partner for a variety of reasons – that we are an HRO company with unmatched global capability and coverage only accentuates this further. We offer a more customized and flexible service that can be tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements. Our background screening services are technology-based and innovation-driven with a global coverage of 200+ countries and union territories. Any check, anywhere – we can support your employee-screening needs like very few can do!