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Neeyamo offers an extensive range of checks and services that accommodate the needs of our customers across various industries. Our solution is tailored to support the screening requirements of enterprise level, mid-market and small business firms by allowing them to select customized packages or even order individual searches based on their need. Our team of background screening experts conducts comprehensive checks on applicants by examining several digital and physical records meticulously to ensure our customers procure valuable and critical human resources with confidence and serenity.

Customers can order checks directly on Neeyamo’s background check platform or leverage the API integration feature for placing orders. Neeyamo offers exceptional transparency in its verification process, the status of ongoing checks are available real-time on the system and can be easily accessed by its clients. Neeyamo’s customer support team can be reached anytime during weekdays for any support about the verification process.

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Education Checks/Professional License Check

Educational credentials are vital to demonstrating the academic aptitude for performing the work the candidate has been hired. However, what is equally important is to validate the authenticity of their academic proofs to avoid hiring the wrong person by looking at a fake record procured from diploma mills or unauthorised institutions. Neeyamo reassures its customer’s confidence by providing comprehensive education verification across the globe. Besides obtaining information directly from the educational institutions, Neeyamo also maintains its database of university officials and its proprietary database of BLACKLISTed institutions to facilitate a quicker turnaround time.

Employment Check/Reference Check

Knowing a potential employee’s work history is a good predictor of his/ her performance and reliability. It is essential for an employer to verify the potential candidate’s employment history and validate their records to avoid hiring the wrong talent. Neeyamo performs comprehensive employment reference checks on applicants by screening for fake declarations from their previous employment(s). Neeyamo’s team of experts verify a potential candidate’s remuneration, designation, employment period, reasons for leaving the previous organization(s), type of exit and potential for re-hire thus empowering our client to make a well-informed decision.

Criminal Check/ Civil Record check/ Motor Vehicle Records Check

There is a major challenge that prevails in screening a candidate for his/her criminal history record while hiring them. It may not be possible for the organization’s HR executives to make a detailed inquiry about a candidate’s criminal history during the onboarding process. Neeyamo helps its customers avoid potential legal complications that could arise because of hiring a candidate with a criminal background. We perform a thorough check on criminal history through the authorities who hold the custody of these records. Neeyamo understands the significance of verifying the civil records of applicants to ensure that there is no litigation against them which would have an implication on our client’s reputation. Neeyamo also provides motor vehicle record check that examines an applicant’s driving history to identify any violations committed by them against the laws of any state or country.

ID Check

Organizations must know their potential employees before hiring them. It is important to understand and establish the genuineness of an applicant’s identity to avoid hiring the wrong person. Neeyamo checks the applicant’s identity by verifying the IDs presented (e.g. tracing his/ her social security number – SSN, MRZ passports and other authentic IDs) against government records. This helps our clients have the desired knowledge of their candidates and whether they are whom they claim to be.

Credit Check / FSA Check / Bankruptcy Check

The credit history of an applicant proves his/ her financial stability and creditworthiness. This is extremely important when considering a potential candidate for a position in the financial sector or an individual who handles finances in the organization. Neeyamo provides a credit check service that reveals the candidate’s financial credibility. Our experts will perform a detailed analysis of the candidate’s financial records against FSA (Financial Regulatory Authority) registers, bank records and other relevant, credible sources to check for bankruptcy, bad debts or litigation against the candidate. This will establish the candidate’s financial integrity and also protects the reputation of our customers.

Address Check

Candidates present information on their whereabouts/ address at the time of on-boarding. This is essential for several reasons, e.g. sending official communications such offer letters, settlement documents, etc., contacting them in case of absenteeism or even in rare scenarios, to divulge information whereabout to authorities in case of a crime committed by the candidate/ employee. Hence it is of utmost importance for an organization to double or even triple check the address details produced by candidates at their time of joining. Neeyamo’s experts verify an applicant’s place of residence including their permanent and current address of residence, as the scope may be, either through online databases or by physical visit depending on the client’s need.

Social Media Check

Social media are modern databases that accumulate plenty of information about individuals which could reveal their positive and negative traits. Neeyamo performs detailed social media checks in over 20+ sites to verify the candidate’s social media presence and ethics based on the comments posted which may reveal characteristics that had never surfaced during the interview process. Neeyamo is fully aware of the legal implications of social media checks in certain countries and performs the same in compliance with country-specific laws to prevent regulatory issues.

Directorship Check

A candidate in line for a directorship or senior level position in your organization will play a vital role in steering your company towards success. Hence it is essential to understand and validate records about their directorship or similar experience. Neeyamo assures its clients who are considering candidates for such significant roles by doing a thorough directorship check on them. Neeyamo’s professionals will do a complete check on the directorship, executive or officer level positions held by the candidate previously in any organization across countries. The checks are performed through the ministry that governs a country’s corporate affairs and a detailed report will be presented to our clients to help them make a “well-informed decision”.

Global Database Check

In this digital world, information is scattered in multiple databases across various geographies. Purposeful information about your potential employees can help you decide on whether they should be a part of your organization or not. Neeyamo’s experts can make it easier for clients to make that decision by doing an extensive database check examining government authorized databases across countries ranging from the terrorist watch list, sanctions, anti-money laundering to much more to reveal any adverse record against the candidate. The search provides you with clear information about the sincerity of the candidate's history that empowers your decision-making process.

Open Media Check

Media records against candidates may have a serious implication on the reputation of an organization that recruits them. Open media encompasses any free source such as newspapers or magazines that may contain information propagated about the candidate. Neeyamo does a complete open media search about your potential employee on several sources to identify whether a candidate has been accused of any misdeeds on the open media. This prevents our clients from hiring a candidate who may have a disreputable past that will have an impact on the credibility of our client’s company.

Drug Test

Employees with a history of drug abuse can endanger the work environment and are more susceptible to cause harm to their co-workers. This erratic condition of an employee who is a drug addict will also result in underperformance issues thereby hampering the progress of your company. Needless to say, training and investing in such employees may jeopardize your organization’s reputation and the safety of your employees creating hassles that can be avoided by a drug test. Neeyamo conducts a variety of drug tests on its client’s candidates including 5-panel test, 7-panel test, 9-panel test, 12-panel test and other customised packages. The results will shed light on an applicant’s drug abuse history basis which our clients can make a clear hiring decision.

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Neeyamo can be your background screening partner for a variety of reasons – that we are an HRO company with unmatched global capability and coverage only accentuates this further. We offer a more customized and flexible service that can be tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements. Our background screening services are technology-based and innovation-driven with a global coverage of 200+ countries and union territories. Any check, anywhere – we can support your employee-screening needs like very few can do!