Companies can easily have the edge over the competition when their employees exhibit optimum performance fueled by enthusiasm. A key factor that motivates your employees is a good benefits structure and its effective administration that is created and implemented with employee welfare in mind. With global expansion in vogue, employee population grows exponentially across countries increasing the burden for HRs to administer benefits for employees located in your expanding long-tail country population.  Providing benefit administration for your global workforce and effectively administering the same for a vast number of employees requires a much better solution than the commonly used spreadsheets and effort intensive manual methods.

Neeyamo offers comprehensive global employee benefits solution that mitigates your administrative burden by maximizing automation in the process and through expert advocacy and ancillary services. With extensive experience in the HR domain, we offer our platform-based global benefits solutions to customers by managing employee benefits, implementing a robust benefits platform, supporting benefits audit & reconciliation and providing benefits helpdesk support. NeeyamoWorks Benefits™ is the one stop new age technology-based global benefits solution which helps you administer your employee benefits plan within a single platform. The application is a cloud-based universal platform that can be accessed from anywhere around the globe on any device that can connect you to the internet.

Global Benefits Administration


Neeyamo’s global benefits solution is a combination of people, process and platform. Our benefits solution encompasses expert guidance and support for administration of enrolment support, dependent audits and verification, centralised system and benefits helpdesk support, global view of statuses and progress across all countries. NeeyamoWorks Benefits™, our global benefits platform comes in the form of a unified system that gives employees full understanding of their benefits plan and provides managers with an optimally automated solution to enrol and administer employee benefits – across your countries spread worldwide. Plans can be configured and monitored with ease for several countries in our global application from a centralised dashboard that gives administrators a comprehensive 360-degree view for better visibility and control. The solution is cloud-based and compatible with any device that can connect you to the internet. Any benefit component that is part of your employee benefits plan such as statutory, non-statutory and organisation-specific elements can be configured according to your needs and administered using NeeyamoWorks Benefits™. Our 24/7 helpdesk support provides customers and their employees with proactive assistance to help them get a better perception and guidance for managing their benefits plan.

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    Our expertise

    Comprehensive and Global Benefits Administration

    Neeyamo’s benefits administration entails a comprehensive global benefits management solution with professional expertise, streamlined process and a global platform developed using Cloud First, World First© design framework. Leveraging a global delivery model we offer to support regulatory benefits management, internal benefits policy guidance according to best practices, comprehensive benefits audit and helpdesk support. Our professionals have deep specialization in the global HR domain and will provide expert guidance and support for customers to ensure smooth execution of their benefits plan in all their countries of operation.

    Unified Global Benefits Platform

    NeeyamoWorks Benefits™ is a holistic global benefits management platform that enables the customer to automate benefits enrolment, monitor global benefits with a 360-degree dashboard and extract comprehensive analytics and reports for streamlined benefits audit. Our platform provides employers, carriers, brokers and consumers with a single web-based interface for benefits shopping, enrolment, and industry standard data exchange. NeeyamoWorks Benefits™ is a configurable and integration-friendly system delivered through a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

    Benefits Audit and Reconciliation

    Benefits management includes audit tasks such as dependent eligibility verification, carrier invoicing reconciliation, cost control and miscoding analysis for self-funded plans amongst others. Such process, especially in a global operating environment, can be hassling and difficult to accomplish. Neeyamo has an extensive global support and in-country network across several countries, and we leverage the same to conduct comprehensive benefits audit and reconciliation for customers.

    Extended and Integrated Helpdesk Support

    Our platform has an integrated helpdesk backed up by a team of professionals who provide proactive assistance to customers. The team works round the clock across multiple time zones to ensure global coverage.


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