HR compliance is an ever-changing labyrinth that poses a challenge to organizations across the globe. Studies reveal that many HR managers have expressed their concern about complying with policies and laws governing the human resource industry, especially in a global operating environment. This can be attributed not only to the vast amount of HR regulatory policies that differ from country to country but also the dynamic nature of these laws and regulations. Incumbent policies frequently become obsolete and get replaced by newer regulations. Even before your organization realizes and incorporates these changes, you could be violating government norms.

Understanding the HR compliance obligations of your business operations worldwide is the key to staying globally compliant – therefore NeeyamoWorks Compliance™. Managing multi-country compliance is so much easier with Neeyamo’s system guiding you through global HR compliances at all levels. NeeyamoWorks Compliance™  is your one-stop tech-enabled solution for global HR compliance. It is your HR compliance advisor, enabler, and auditor – all in one!

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NeeyamoWorks Compliance™ is a single, user-friendly platform to monitor and proactively manage your global HR compliance. Developed using Cloud First, World First © design approach, the system centralizes your compliance data and provides proactive assistance to help you administer compliance within a single platform. We understand that policies and regulation vary from country to country and also within the country in a state or city. Our solution has a repository of global policies at a country, state, and even city level to help you track internal and external compliance. The system has an exquisite yet simple interface that was designed with user-centricity in mind and gives you a hassle-free and friendly experience. NeeyamoWorks Compliance™ provides a complete compliance health check and stats to help you get a fair idea about your company’s adherence to relevant policies and regulations. The system provides proactive alerts and reminders guiding you constantly to remain compliant with laws and policies thereby mitigating the risk of legal consequences. Our primary objective is to relieve you completely of compliance burden. With NeeyamoWorks Compliance™ and Neeyamo’s service excellence, being compliant with regulations and policies is no longer a cumbersome experience.

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    Our expertise

    Innovative Compliance Platform

    With Neeyamo’s NeeyamoWorks Compliance™, global compliance can never be more easy to manage. The system acts as a hub consolidating all your compliance information to help you stay compliant with all HR policies and regulations in every country that you operate. Regular alerts and reminders help you get aligned with your compliance routines, and the analysis feature allows you to get an easily comprehensible view of compliance statistics. Moreover, all these features are packaged into a single user-friendly system that can be accessed from anywhere around the globe.

    Global Coverage and Compliance Proficiency

    Neeyamo’s strength in the HR domain has bolstered its expertise in global HR compliance. Neeyamo has a dedicated compliance team that perpetually monitors HR compliance across countries and constantly updates our system to keep us abreast of global compliance changes. We have a strong network across several countries giving us the advantage of the in-country presence in each jurisdiction. Any changes affecting the HR domain will be updated in our repository to allow customers to access the same through our platform.

    Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring and Metrics

    NeeyamoWorks Compliance™ provides you with a complete health check-up of your entire compliance framework. With a few simple clicks, customers can diagnose any shortcomings in their compliance with policies whether it be internal or statutory laws governing the HR industry across countries. Plus, the platform provides proactive alerts and reminders on a regular basis about your compliance obligations to make sure you do not miss out on any compliance activities.

    Simplified and Personalized Solution

    Our compliance system is configured for each customer during the initial stage using easy to configure wizard-based approach. The system is designed to eliminate the complexities involved in making your global HR operations compliant.


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