Full-Service Payroll

Global payroll setup for a multi billion dollar European FMCG company

Our expertise

End-to-End Solution

Neeyamo’s payroll solution is truly end-to-end managing customer’s entire payroll process. We offer to provide a complete payroll solution that entails input automation, payroll processing, reporting, compliance activities, and salary disbursement. Leveraging technology and robust service delivery, Neeyamo relieves its customers of all payroll related administrative burdens to direct their attention to their imperatives. We also manage payroll queries (helpdesk) with a strong focus on consistently superior employee experience – no matter where they are and what language they speak.

One Platform

NeeyamoWorks Pay™ is a vertically integrated hub that harbors various functionalities enabling customers to track and manage all payroll related activities.

Cost Benefits

Unlike the managed payroll service model that requires multiple providers to be managed by your in-house team, the full-service payroll model consolidates all payroll activities under one umbrella provider. This results in reduced administrative cost which also means very little need for in-house payroll staff.

Single Ownership

Neeyamo offers to provide a complete payroll solution and will be the single point of contact for your entire payroll process. Our customers don’t have to seek multiple providers for various payroll and allied tasks such as compliance, statutory filings, and payments or any other part of payroll administration. As your full-service global payroll provider, we will entirely manage your payroll activities across all the countries you operate.

In his brief interview with Global Payroll Management Institute at the Global Payroll Management Forum 2017, Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO at Neeyamo, speaks about the most sought after features by CFOs/ Payroll Managers in an Global Payroll tool.

Technology helping Global Payroll become more strategic

A truly holistic global payroll solution

Neeyamo’s Global Payroll Solution, powered by NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™), is a comprehensive, extended, and fully integrated solution for multi-nationals. Our global payroll offering is a vertically integrated global solution which strikes a balance between technology and payroll processing, enabling customers to manage the intricacies related to international payroll effectively.