Payroll Compliance

Payroll Compliance

Rarely do we find two countries having payroll and benefits regulations that are same or similar. Moreover, these regulations evolve, sometimes significantly, over time. The number of HR laws to follow and compliance transactions to complete can be overwhelming. The implications of non-compliance with tax laws and regulations will have serious consequences that will impair an organization’s reputation.

Neeyamo follows an innovatively structured triangulated compliance framework supported by its in-house knowledge organization and vast global presence to monitor and manage global payroll compliance effectively. Our dedicated team of compliance experts proactively track regulatory changes and maintain an inventory of laws and statutory regulations that affect the payroll industry across the globe. Our strong network in several countries gives us a feet-on-the-ground presence in each jurisdiction to guarantee fool-proof compliance. The platform is designed to drive your payroll compliance proactively.

Global payroll & compliance for a multi-billion dollar UK headquartered FMCG

Our expertise

Fool-Proof Compliance Assurance

Neeyamo’s extensive expertise and knowledge in the payroll compliance space combined with our wide-spread geographical coverage guarantees infallible payroll compliance assurance for customers. Our triangulated approach to compliance monitoring enables us to stay abreast of any changes in global payroll laws irrespective of the geographical constraint.

Proactive Compliance Guidance

Neeyamo proactively supports customers by providing compliance updates to make sure they don’t miss out on any new laws affecting payroll. We leverage our people and platform to guide customers through legislative changes intelligently. Plus, our platform has an inbuilt compliance calendar that helps customers track country-wise compliance status to meet all regulatory obligations in each country.

Comprehensive Compliance Reports

Compliance reports are crucial to validate your organization’s adherence to local laws and regulations of any country. Neeyamo’s platform provides customers with comprehensive compliance reports that can be downloaded with ease in various formats. The system’s self-service portal allows the customer’s employees to view and download detailed compliance statements with a few clicks from anywhere around the globe. Our platform has multi-lingual capabilities and can provide reports in the local language facilitating a more convenient experience for global customers.

Risk Mitigation

Compliance is certainly not a risk worth taking. Along with legal repercussions, it could very well put your company’s repute at stake. Neeyamo offers to manage customer’s payroll compliance activities, relieving them of burdensome compliance risks. Our team of compliance experts will meticulously monitor and incorporate statutory changes while processing payroll to ensure our customers adhere to regulations such as tax laws in all their countries of operation.

Neeyamo is driven by its proprietary, cloud-based global payroll platform, NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™), in order to reduce delivery time, eliminate manual processing, and provide comprehensive global compliance support.

Neeyamo driving innovation to bridge the gap between global & local payroll

A truly holistic global payroll solution

Neeyamo’s Global Payroll Solution, powered by NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™), is a comprehensive, extended, and fully integrated solution for multi-nationals. Our global payroll offering is a vertically integrated global solution which strikes a balance between technology and payroll processing, enabling customers to manage the intricacies related to international payroll effectively.