Payroll Payments

Payroll Payments

Payroll does not end right after processing and delivering the calculated output. Organizations will still have to pay their employees on the promised pay date and ensure that the salary is credited to each employee’s bank account. A payroll solution without salary disbursement will still require your company to do some menial work and complete the last mile activity of paying your employees.

Neeyamo extends its payroll services by offering a seamless payment solution. We coordinate with our customers to receive funds into a secured common bank account to facilitate salary disbursement. Our payment solution is not confined to a particular geography; we offer this service for global customers operating across countries. With Neeyamo’s payment solution, you can be completely free from payroll responsibilities and let us manage your end-to-end payroll process.

Accurate & timely payment solutions rendered to a global financial holding company

Our expertise

Accurate and on-time payment

Your employees contribute a major portion of your organization’s success, and nothing can be more discouraging than delayed salary payment. Neeyamo does not compromise on precision and on-time delivery of payment to your employees. Our team of payroll experts will coordinate with the customer’s team and ensure timely receipt and disbursement of funds thereby minimising your administrative burden. No matter the country that your employees work from, we will ensure that they receive timely payments as assured by you.

Statutory payments and filing

Statutory obligations such as tax-filing is another tedious task that your organization will have to undertake at the end of a pay run. Apart from salary disbursement, Neeyamo alleviates the cumbersome statutory payments, effort-intensive tax filing, and regulatory procedures by taking over the process.

Secure Transaction

Payment solutions entail the transfer of adequate and hefty funds to the providers for disbursement. Neeyamo’s solution offers customers with transparency and complete control over their funds. Customers can point us to the bank of their choice through which payments will be disbursed to their employees. A mutual account is established so that the customer can monitor and have full control over their monetary resources. Payments are also made through secured gateways that are encrypted using industry standard protocols guaranteeing a safe transaction.


Queries regarding the salary paid and statutory payments can pile up on an HRs helpdesk screen after payment. With us taking over the disbursement process, we will be the single point of contact for all payroll related queries including payments made to your employees. Your in-house team will not be burdened with queries and issues related to salary payment and statutory filings. Neeyamo’s experts will ensure accurate and error-free payment leveraging our technology and expertise. Also, Neeyamo’s customer service team will work round the clock to address all issues and employee queries (if any) related to payroll, payments and statutory filings easing your HRs burdens.

Hear Jonathan Waterbury, Vice President of Finance at Zuman talking about evolving trends in payroll and human resource outsourcing and his experience in working with Neeyamo.

Evolving trends in outsourcing HR, Payroll and Benefits

A truly holistic global payroll solution

Neeyamo’s Global Payroll Solution, powered by NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™), is a comprehensive, extended, and fully integrated solution for multi-nationals. Our global payroll offering is a vertically integrated global solution which strikes a balance between technology and payroll processing, enabling customers to manage the intricacies related to international payroll effectively.