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Deep domain expertise in global HR is what helps Neeyamo to deliver employee-centric background check services to companies. Powered by its Cloud First, World First© Technology and dedicated background screening experts, Neeyamo has helped global organizations leverage standardized policies across locations. Neeyamo offers a wide range of background check services covering education, employment, criminal, drugs, references, global database, identity and others as required by customers. Neeyamo also allows its clients to customise their packages or even order individual searches from its overall background check offering. Neeyamo’s round the clock customer service is unparalleled; customers have multiple channels to reach them anytime for getting statuses or asking compliance related queries.

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Our expertise

Superior Applicant Experience

As an employee-focused HR organization, Neeyamo’s pre-employment screening process is designed to provide simplified procedures and top-notch experience to the applicants. Our Applicant Services team ensures that the applicants have a seamless experience throughout the screening process by constantly monitoring their progress and proactively assisting them. From providing an applicant manual during the initiation stage to 24x5 applicant service support on email and call, Neeyamo makes the best possible effort to guarantee a superior and hassle-free experience for our customer’s applicants.

Global Coverage and Compliance

While hiring talent, organizations face a huge hurdle concerning violations of the state or country laws on background screening. Neeyamo has a meticulous focus on compliance - our team of Compliance Library has an active inventory of applicable laws in over 200 countries and union territories. Being an institutional member of industry bodies such as NAPBS US, NAPBS APAC, Global Advisory Council (GAC) of NAPBS and various Special Interest Groups (SIG), Neeyamo receives updates regarding regulatory changes in countries almost immediately after an announcement from the governing authorities. Neeyamo’s customer service team constantly communicates these changes to its customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do – be it process quality or product quality. Our verification system has a built-in quality control mechanism which is the first round in a series of quality controls established in the verification process. Neeyamo’s dedicated quality control team runs multiple levels of assessments to guarantee service delivery with the highest quality. The team comprises of several Six Sigma black belt certified personnel who are constantly striving to make delta improvements in the process and to pass on the resultant benefits to our customers.

Proprietary Global Platform

Neeyamo’s Verification Management System is an innovative approach to pre-employment screening solution that aims at reducing manual intervention, improving process efficiency and delivering faster results without compromising on quality. Besides having Flexi File Format (F3) for accepting any flat file format, our technology can receive inputs from any HRIS, ATS or other background screening platforms through easy API integration. Customers can get real-time status updates and download verification reports within a surprisingly short span of time from our system.

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Shakil Gour - Head of Pre Employment Screening at Neeyamo shares his thoughts and best practices for multinational organizations to handle compliance while performing background checks globally.

How to handle compliance while performing background checks globally

Built using proprietary Cloud First, World First design, Neeyamo brings to you - HR Compliance+. The Global HR Compliance tool especially made to understand the HR compliance obligations of your business operations worldwide to help you stay globally compliant.

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