How to handle compliance while performing background checks globally

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On-demand Process

Checks-on-demand is as simple and quick as ordering anything online. With a few easy steps, any organization can register and order from a list of packages or a-la-carte products based on your need. Our experts will immediately validate and authorize your account allowing you to proceed with the request. The process is hassle-free and has time-saving benefits especially for the specific needs of small businesses.

Quicker Set-up for Low Volume

Traditional background screening approach involves activities such as input sending, detailed order creation, integration (if needed), etc., which are time-consuming and cumbersome tasks when considering a timely need. With Neeyamo’s Checks-on-demand service all of that is reduced to simply ordering the particular check(s) or package you need on our web-page. This facilitates faster input and results in a quicker turnaround time for each order placed on the portal.

Customizable and Flexible

When you require only a few checks on a small number of applicants, it is futile to establish a long-term contract with a provider. Our online portal gives you an option to select what you need from a wide range of background checks. Sometimes your organization may have a requirement to perform a single check on the individual(s) which is possible through this service.

Simple and Secured Payment Method

When you have a specific timely need for background checks, Neeyamo makes it easier for you to order and make the payments online.The online payment modes are simple, secure and meet all security requirements. It can be done on the go from anywhere around the world. You can pay for those checks you’ve requested using a credit card through a simple and secure payment gateway. The process does not demand any recurring charges since you only have to pay for the specific checks ordered.

Vivek , Chief Client Partner at Neeyamo has extensive experience in the world of HR and Background Verification. Hear his share his thought on how employee screening goes beyond just 'criminal checks' in alot of APAC countries.

Global Screening – A world of a difference

We can do a lot more for you

Neeyamo can be your background screening partner for a variety of reasons – that we are an HRO company with unmatched global capability and coverage only accentuates this further. We offer a more customized and flexible service that can be tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements. Our background screening services are technology-based and innovation-driven with a global coverage of 200+ countries and union territories. Any check, anywhere – we can support your employee-screening needs like very few can do!