Compliance Support

How to handle compliance while performing background checks globally

Our expertise

Global Compliance Knowledge

Our Global Compliance Library is a comprehensive knowledge of global laws and regulations revolving around the background screening industry and more. With our compliance expertise, we will ensure that our clients are in knowledge of and stays compliant with statutory laws and regulations governing the background verification across the world.

Extensive Compliance Network

Neeyamo has a strong global coverage across 200+ countries and union territories that gives us an edge in the compliance arena. Neeyamo’s widespread network acts as an extension of our entity giving us a feet-on-the-ground in every jurisdiction across the globe. We leverage this network to gain compliance expertise across countries and guide our clients in the form of compliance counselling.

Proactive Compliance Guidance

We extend our compliance service to assist customers in creating standardized background check policies across their organization. With our extensive compliance knowledge, we help them define package matrices for screening that comply with local regulations and are in line with observed best-practices in the industry or region. We proactively guide our customers on the changing compliance regulations using periodic updates.

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We can do a lot more for you

Neeyamo can be your background screening partner for a variety of reasons – that we are an HRO company with unmatched global capability and coverage only accentuates this further. We offer a more customized and flexible service that can be tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements. Our background screening services are technology-based and innovation-driven with a global coverage of 200+ countries and union territories. Any check, anywhere – we can support your employee-screening needs like very few can do!