Contingent workforce Management

The rise of gig economy has resulted in a considerable amount of organizations adopting contingent workforce to achieve better results. However, managing such resources is still a burden that is heavy on your HR team’s shoulders. It is essential to provide a superior experience for your contingent employees in order to derive maximum productivity and value for the investment made. Effective contingent workforce management also eliminates the possibility of misclassification and addresses any exceptions in standard policy and process.

Neeyamo’s solution includes the management of your contingent workforce’s entire human resource life-cycle including procurement, payment and on-going management of contingent employee obligations. We improve productivity through engagement, and that applies to your contingent workforce as well. Leveraging technology and domain expertise, we ensure a better experience for your resources while also removing the management burden from your in-house HR team.

Enhanced HR Solutions for the Contingent Workforce of a Fortune 500 Global Telecom Major

Our expertise

A one-stop solution

Neeyamo’s solution encompasses all activities and administrative tasks involved in contingent workforce management including sourcing, invoicing, and reporting. We can be your single source of accountability for all matters pertaining to contingent employee management. By this, you can eliminate the administrative burdens, improve the experience for your workforce, experience higher service quality, realize better retention and reduce billing errors or risks.

Error-free and time-saving benefits

Contingent workforce management requires time-consuming effort from your in-house managers and teams as the administrative work surrounding it is definitely immense. And with multiple departments within your company handling the process, the chances of administrative errors occurring are considerably high. Neeyamo’s solution offers to effectively manage your contingent workforce resulting in substantial time-saving benefits and mitigation of efforts for your in-house team. With our expertise and experience, we ensure the process is standardized and completely free from errors thereby enabling you to leverage your contingent human resources efficiently.

Better Value for investment

Organizations invest a considerable amount of money to hire contingent employees. Effective management of such workforce will help maximize their experience in working for your organization and will thereby guarentee better ROI.. Neeyamo can intervene to provide an on-roll employee like experience to your contingent resources thereby increasing their productivity. Our solution also includes benefits such as reduction of administrative cost and burden providing an effortless experience for workforce and employers alike.

Experience Industry Best Practices

Neeyamo ensures the incorporation of industry best practices to manage your contingent workforce. We follow an ISO framework for quality and security guaranteeing the best results that entail customer satisfaction. With our proficiency in the HR domain you can be assured of a specialized service provided to your on-demand workforce resulting in increased performance. You can also experience complete transparency and visibility of your contingent resources’ data to help you make informed strategic decisions.

CEO at Neeyamo in his interview with Global Payroll Management Institute at the Global Payroll Management Forum, briefly explains the various challenges an organization faces during the global payroll vendor selection process.

Global Payroll Vendor Selection Challenges

A port-folio comprises of over 650 HR activities - from hire to retire.

Neeyamo offers to manage your entire global HR process from hire to retire delivering irresistible administrative and cost benefits with unparalleled quality. Neeyamo’s services are driven by powerful technology, strong global footprint and profound and evolving domain expertise that seamlessly blends with your global HR process for an optimized solution. Our port-folio of HR solutions that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our services include