Recruitment support

Global Recruitment support services for a billion dollar engineering major

Our expertise

A “Talent Pool” with ready-to-hire candidates

Neeyamo’s team will leverage multiple active and passive sourcing channels to deliver the right information to potential candidates. Our team also tracks and screens the candidates who visit our career page through QIA (Qualified-Interested-Available) analysis framework. Talent pool creation is not just maintaining the database of all potential candidates but includes categorizing of potential candidates based on skillsets and experience levels for future engagement.

Eliminate your recruitment back-office work

We aim to reach-the-potential candidates much ahead of the competition. Neeyamo’s service offering includes the entire back-office load within recruitment such as job posting, ATS manning, sourcing, resume screening, pre-screening, interview scheduling, coordination, and reporting. By undertaking these administrative activities, Neeyamo provides you with various benefits that include cost efficiency and time-saving.

Hone, Refine and consistently Engage

Neeyamo’s team extensively leverages social recruitment and engagement platforms to deliver the right information for your targeted talents. The activities include campaign management, broadcast, referral management and social network management for positive talent experience. The performance and the outcomes are measured through real-time recruiting intelligence available in the social recruitment platforms.

Providing insights to devise your hiring strategy!

Neeyamo provides insightful reporting and analytics that projects quantified hiring velocity, productivity, time-to-hire, and the data of most qualified candidates. These insights will help you to make clearer, data-driven decisions with your recruitment function. The insights can also help you visualize the benefits of our recruitment services as opposed to setting up an in-house team that is effort-intensive and highly expensive.

Neeyamo aided a leading global software product development services company to procure the best talents across multiple countries by providing them end-to-end recruitment services, by hiring 10+ candidates monthly.

Using Neeyamo’s recruitment services to procure best talents for a global software product company

A port-folio comprises of over 650 HR activities - from hire to retire.

Neeyamo offers to manage your entire global HR process from hire to retire delivering irresistible administrative and cost benefits with unparalleled quality. Neeyamo’s services are driven by powerful technology, strong global footprint and profound and evolving domain expertise that seamlessly blends with your global HR process for an optimized solution. Our port-folio of HR solutions that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our services include