While organizations world-wide open up centers in new countries in an attempt to identify new markets and resources, this has invariably given rise to organizations having sparse distribution of employees, globally. Being an employee in the long-tail can get lonely, as these employees can often feel disconnected from their parent centers. Lack of HR personnel and the right HR technology can have a lethal effect on employee experience; everything HR can get delayed and frustrating! HR teams are often faced with their own set of challenges in managing HR Operations and HR Compliance for their employees based in distant shores. This is precisely what we set out to change with Tailohr™.


The Long-Tail Bluebook


Tailohr™ operates at the intersection of cutting-edge HR technology and services, armed with an intent to support a global workforce's HR needs, irrespective of its employee size. It is a one-stop plug-and-play packaged solution that envisions to orchestrate critical hire-to-retire HR processes enabling HR to manage their dispersed workforce. Upon implementation, Tailohr™ acts as an extension to other HRIS solutions deployed in primary geographies. The solution is pre-configured to address local requirements at a field level across all countries of operations coupled with multilingual support. Tailohr™ is custom-fit to comply with in-country regulations across all global HR and payroll processes. With its high focus on the long-tail, the solution provides a fixed pay as you use model that competes with the often exorbitant pricing models provided by other global providers. Would you like to have a unified solution implemented across all countries where you have a sparsely populated and dispersed workforce? Then Tailohr™ is your answer!

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    Our expertise

    1. Integrated Technology

    Technology is at the core of Tailohr™. The fully configured technology is functionally rich and can get HR operational in record time. NeeyamoWorks EmployeeHub™ is the base HRIS that is supplemented by its payroll solution and a host of allied systems including Time, Absence, ServiceDesk, Expense & Docket. These modules along with portfolio of HR products from NeeyamoWorks suite of products ensures effective HR operations along with seamless support for the employees. NeeyamoWorks Compliance™ ensures compliance across the board.

    2. Global Services

    Neeyamo will leverage its global service delivery infrastructure – a combination of global delivery centers and in-country proximity delivery centers to deliver multilingual services. We have country specific blueprints, resident domain expertise and library of best practices to ensure we can hit the ground running. We support customer needs in 180+ countries and have a continually growing native footprint across 25 countries across 5 continents.

    3. Holistic Experience

    The experience layer blends with the technology and services providing a unified experience via self-service and ServiceDesk – be it employee, HR, or a business-user. The solution comes armed with a pre-loaded knowledge base, an army of SMEs to provide real-time support with 24/5 support across time zones in 26+ languages. Offered on a variable and predictable per-employee-per-month based pricing, continual improvement is at the core of the solution.


    Watch what Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group says about the intricacies and complexities multinational organizations encounter while orchestrating HR processes across long-tail countries, carve-outs, and divestitures and also how Neeyamo envisions to address these complexities with Tailohr™.

    Tailohr: Analyst’s Perspective

    With globalization, multinationals face a myriad of workforce management challenges, out of which long-tail HR operations have altogether been a grey area. Here's a whitepaper to help you understand the daunting challenges in long-tail HR and the working ways to overcome them.

    Long-Tail HR Operations: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    Globalization is inevitable when the whole world is your market. Companies expanding across borders encounter the challenge of managing sparsely distributed employees across a “Long-tail” of countries. This video explains what long-tail HR is and the intricacies that multinational organizations wrestle with.

    Introduction to Long-Tail HRO

    Here are a list of questions that was asked to us by our audience during the lauch of Tailohr – Neeyamo’s global HR solution for multinational organizations with a geographically dispersed workforce. This document covers all the questions that were asked to the leadership panel and their responses.

    Tailohr Launch – Q&A session