Global Payroll: Turning Adversities into Advantages

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Adaptability Amid Adversity – becomes the most important factor that decides the ability of organizations to thrive in this pandemic situation. For an organization to adapt to change, the readiness of the key processes and technologies that support continuity in critical operations is key. Global payroll is one such critical process that should never see a hiccup.

In an attempt to assess the payroll preparedness of global companies, we have consolidated three key strategies that would help them address the challenges in global payroll delivery and refrain from falling behind. Here are the 3 strategies.

1. Globalization in payroll – The Gamechanger

Globalization is truly the way forward, as far as uninterrupted payroll is concerned. Proactive companies are leveraging centralized & ‘cloudified’ global payroll systems and distributed service delivery to deliver payroll across several countries. Catch us on YouTube to learn why ‘globalized’ payroll solution is the trump-card to prevent payroll’s disruption.

2. Virtualization in global payroll – The Catalyst for Change

Virtualization and globalization of payroll are complementary. Without virtualizing your payroll technology and processes, you cannot globalize your payroll. Use cases like RPA, chatbots, and straight-through processing reinforce the powerful capabilities of virtualization in payroll. Watch this video and find out how payroll leaders are delivering virtualized payroll.

3. Crisis – An Accelerator to Global Payroll Transformation

“Wei Ji” in Chinese means crisis. But ‘Wei’ and ‘Ji’ in isolation denote ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’, respectively. It is all about finding the opportunity in danger. To achieve payroll resilience and undisrupted payroll, companies should use this crisis to accelerate their payroll transformation. Interested to know how? Check out this video on YouTube.

Are you interested to learn how companies can leverage globalized and virtualized payroll solutions? Feel free to get in touch with us. Our payroll experts are listening.

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