Going Glocal: Why Global is the new Local?

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Your employee population will increase rapidly as you expand your office across the globe. And more employees in many countries means the more administrative burden for your human resource (HR) department. There are multiple facets to the human resource function from hire to retire. It takes tremendous effort and investment to manage your employees when they are scattered across countries.

Also, there are divers laws across the world that influence human resource management to a high degree. For instance, payroll is subject to various complex tax laws that differ from country to country. Regulations such as Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) govern pre-employment screening in the western countries. Your company needs to be aware of every law and regulation that governs the human resource function and comply with them when doing business in a foreign land. How can you take full advantage of the resources available in different countries when you are busy figuring a way out of the human resource problems?

You can liaise with the local HR providers for support, but this means hiring a local vendor in every country to manage each HR activity. This creates a complex network of vendors and managing them becomes a whole new challenge. But today, Neeyamo has emerged as a global HRO provider to support multinational organizations by delivering a singular solution that is “as global as possible and as local as needed.” Neeyamo can be your single HRO provider for all your global HR needs. Neeyamo’s “Glocal” (Global-Local) service delivery model will make your multinational company feel at home in all your countries of operation.

How does Neeyamo make the Glocal model work? Let’s find out-

A central technology in the cloud connects the whole world: Cloud technology is ideal for the globalized world. The name cloud may be metaphorical, but the technology literally works like the cloud in the air and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Neeyamo has architected its applications from the scratch to be compatible with cloud servers. These applications can interface with third-party systems such as human resource information systems (HRIS) through application programming interface (API) and connectors. Clients can automatically exchange your HR information such as joiner/ leaver data, compensation data, and time & absence information by integrating your HRIS with Neeyamo’s applications on the cloud. Customers’ can access their processed HR data for any country from anywhere around the globe through the internet. Clients can also save a huge amount of investment on building separate technological infrastructures in many countries by opting for Neeyamo’s single global solution.

Extensive Global Coverage and Expanding Delivery Centers: Neeyamo has expanded its presence across 200+ countries and territories through local delivery centers and an extensive network across the world. These local touchpoints have multilingual capabilities, and they provide round the clock support to international customers. Neeyamo’s local delivery centers and in-country partners are more proficient with the local laws and will ensure that clients are 100% compliant with statutory regulations. Furthermore, Neeyamo has set up its delivery and proximity (offshore) centers in 20+ countries. Neeyamo aims to expand its centers across the world to facilitate a faster, more personalized and uninterrupted support to all its global clients.

Single Global Provider for End-To-End HR Management: Human resource function has many verticals such as onboarding, background screening, employee training, performance administration time and attendance management, payroll & benefits, separation management, etc., The long list might look intimidating, but Neeyamo offers to take the entire HR burden off your shoulders. Neeyamo as a single HRO provider offers to manage your entire human resource function from hire to retire for any or all the countries you operate in. You can choose specific HR service(s) or outsource your entire HR function across the globe to Neeyamo and focus on your core business goals.

Modern technology, widespread global presence and a complete offering of end-to-end HR services translate into Neeyamo’s Glocal delivery model. This model breaks the communication and geographical barriers to deliver a more localized service to global customers. Neeyamo has simplified the complex global HR function into a more localized process for aspiring firms to expand and succeed globally without hindrance.

For more information, reach out to Irene Jones at irene.jones@neeyamo.com

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