Transform your User Experience (UX) in SuccessFactors using Userflows

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So, the management in your organization has chosen to roll out the amazing SuccessFactors platform. Last month, you had been a part of a dreamy briefing that told you how easy this platform was going to make your life as an HR practitioner. Alas! You get back to work on a Monday morning only to find a zillion queries from employees requesting your assistance to use the platform, at least 5 different emails from your superiors asking you for reports that you are clueless to derive.  To add to the stack, you’ve just realized that SuccessFactors has come up with a series of updates that will now require you to train your company’s employees on. Does this episode sound familiar? Read On!

User adoption and End-User training, as vital as they sound, are some of the key challenges organizations face after having implemented SuccessFactors – Any platform for that reason. Getting employees to change habits that they are comfortable with, is no easy task, simply because you are requesting them to step out of their comfort zone like –  to drop an email in order to receive an Experience letter or to call HR to know his salary break-up. To top it all up, you provide them with a platform that is alien to them with a user manual for assistance and training sessions from which they would definitely have trouble recollecting.

As implementers of SuccessFactors ourselves, we have been receiving multiple calls and emails from our clients requesting a solution to address this need of ensuring maximum end-user adoption.  One of our clients told us over a call, and I quote “We conducted a SuccessFactors training session for our employees. The employees sat down with a surge of excitement to learn about the new platform. After a couple of minutes, we saw them give us a bewildered look which plainly said “where do I start from?”

A wise man once said – “Necessity is the mother of inventions”. So we then had a need and our answer to it was “Userflows”.

Userflows is a simple browser plugin built for SuccessFactors.  It provides users with clear and precise step by step instructions that make navigation simpler in SuccessFactors. Let’s look at the benefits of implementing Userflows for SuccessFactors.

1) Creating time for Strategic Tasks: An HR practitioner’s time is often spent in responding to common employee questions like –

  • How do I set goals?
  • How do I enrol for benefits?
  • How do I fill timesheets?
  • How do I view my payslip?

Userflows has been built on SuccessFactors to provide employees on-demand assistance as and when required.  Users can now set goals, apply for leaves, fill timesheets, check their performance rating, enrol for a course and a lot more by just following the series of call-outs. The call-outs keep popping up in their SuccessFactors page enabling them to start and complete a task – step by step.

Thus userflows frees up significant amount of time for an HR practitioner- no more training manuals and definitely no more repetitive queries.

Now let’s take an example of a French employee who is required to set her goals on the SuccessFactors Performance Management module but is clueless on how to go about this task. From the screenshot below you will find a call-out that gives her specific guidance in her language on how to go about her task. (Oh Yes! Flows can be configured for multilingual instance)

French flow

2) Drive User adoption:   In every organization, there is always a group of employees who tend to mullover their questions in their mind, or hesitate to raise their concerns Also, employees at times are found reluctant to use the user guidesSome of the questions that employees or managers might have could include

  • How do I run an adhoc report?
  • How do I see the 9 box matrix?
  • How do I see my CDP?
  • How do I enrol for learning?

Just as individual working styles vary, there are managers who prefer to be hands-on and favour the self-service functionality. On the other hand, there are also managers who prefer a white glove approach. Userflows cater to both these approaches.

Pulling reports, viewing performance, 360, goal execution, managing talent pool, etc is made easier for managers by using SuccessFactors Userflows. One can check the status of existing job requisites, add new ones, approve timesheets, assign and recommended courses to employees and a whole lot more by just following the blue call-outs. As simple as it sounds, that is all there is to it.

Userflows provide the users with a learning experience on an as-and-when-needed basis. So now that an employee is equipped with a pretty cool platform, and a step-by-step guideline that might help complete his task much sooner than it might have taken him before, what reason could he have to complain?

And if you are a manager? Well! We have not shied away from creating the call-outs for you as well. Let’s take a look at how userflows help a manager in creating an adhoc report.

3)  Change management:  One of the recalcitrant problems organizations face is its employees showing resistance to a change implemented. As mentioned before, one of the key reasons for this resistance is because of the need for employees to move out of their comfort zone. But with Userflows, we tried our best to make employees feel comfortable involving them to make zero decisions to complete a process. All they would be required to do is to follow the call-outs. Training employees on new updates made to the platform would also not be required. Update your userflows to the change and send out a mass communique to your employees and have the Userflows train your employees on a when-needed basis.

With userflows, the volume of calls and time spent on training manuals can be reduced and admins can dedicate themselves to enhance and refine HR processes.  Userflows are definitely a worthy investment as it drives user adoption, change management and reduces administrative efforts.

It would be apt to summarize that Userflows – Provides Right Guidance to the Right People at the Right Time. To know more about Userflows, reach us at

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