Do you want to improve your quality of service for Employees and Customers?

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Improve your quality of service for Employees and Customers

By Vaibhav Yadav, 14 February 2019

Every service organization focuses on customer satisfaction as well as improving their employees’ productivity. They also focus on service responses, i.e., handling queries on time and providing a satisfactory resolution to the customer. Measuring the ticket lifecycle helps the organization to analyze and ascertain employee productivity.

Statistics shows if employee queries or customer queries are resolved on time, it will have a positive impact on the Customer as well as aid in retention of customers and employees alike. SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center (C4C) provides you the functionality to measure the ticket lifecycle and service quality. Let’s understand how by taking a quick look at the entry and exit points of a service request.

Pre-requisite: Employee Central, Cloud for Customer enabled for the instance

Service Request

A Service Request is nothing but a query from the Employee or Customer. It can be raised to a Service Agent in the following ways:

E-mail channel: An employee raises a query by sending an e-mail to the HR department/HR Shared Services team and a ticket gets automatically created.

Ask HR: Employee creates a ticket using the SuccessFactors application.

Manual: Service Agents create a ticket on behalf of an Employee by using various channels like IVR and Chat.

Social Media: Create tickets on the go via social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat and You tube. Integration between the Social media channels gives us the ability to create service request. For example, Facebook messages directed towards your Facebook account will now automatically get converted as service ticket as per request.

Service Centre offers the luxury of a knowledge base repository, integrated seamlessly to be accessed both by the Employees and the Service Agents.

Service Request Route-Map

Let’s take an example of an enterprise that needs to fill the white space of frequent HR related queries to understand Service Request route-map and ticket lifecycle.

Employee can simply raise request from their SuccessFactors Ask HR page as shown in below.

Create new ticket
Create new ticket

Employees can choose from various service and incident categories. For every query raised by the requestor, a ticket will get created and routed to the designated team that has been assigned in C4C system. The organizational structure can be minutely replicated to go hand in hand with the enterprise’s process.

Depending on the Service and Incident Category, the system will automatically determine the turn-around time and the best suited team/agent.

Ex-employees, can send their queries to a dedicated E-mail box which will enable the system to create ticket for that query. Tickets can be classified into buckets for hassle free report generation and data analysis.

A Service Agent’s Life Made Simple

Service agents will have access to the requestor’s profile through a mashup between the SuccessFactors and C4C. This provides Service Agents information on the go, offers better flexibility and cuts down the resolution time. Employee Central Service Center has integrated knowledge base that helps Employees and Customers to check variety of responses from repositories and solve their problems before raising a query. Agents get access to privileged and confidential data base to assist in responding to queries.  All of this operates seamlessly to deliver great end user experience for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center desk directly through the system by phone or by e-mail.

Administrators and Managers can also create and view customized dashboards to realize the overall performance of the team. An example is shown below

Customized Dashboards
Customized Dashboards

Neeyamo offers a centralized solution that caters to all the enterprise related queries in the form of Service Center. We take pride in ourselves for collaborating with leading HCM Partners and implementing the HR helpdesk for large enterprises.

We encourage you to engage with us for any Service Centre related know-hows by contacting

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