Increasing user adoption with the “what’s in it for me” rule

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Technology has transformed the way we do business today and HR is no exception. But, time and again, in spite of implementing the best HRIS platforms, organizations grumble about the lower percent of user adoption and struggle to instigate effective users’ adoption.

Although we are in world where there are five generations of workforce, The “millennials” form more than half of the workforce.  These young workers are more exposed to latest gadgets, social networking, and in most cases tend to live their life in the virtual world. Now the big question! Then why do we seem to meet issues around HRIS adoption? (Fun Fact: Not even 5% of employee population use the HRIS to its full capacity). The reasons could be plenty, but to name a few –

  • User experience in HRIS System is found less engaging
  • Poor change management
  • Lack of social collaboration

But a simple trick that surprisingly works like magic is the elusive – “WIFM” rule. Organizations need to use this rule as a foundation to their HR technology strategy. The WIFM or “Whats In it For Me” rule focuses an organizations effort to building and implementing technology that will cater to the employees needs and push them to effectively adopt it. As an organization we have seen that this approach is the simplest and most effective way to drive more traffic and use of your investment into HR tech.

Companies are implementing ways to simplify, standardize, and improve the user experience by design thinking. Listed below are few simple initiatives that organizations can take to make their HR technology a big hit among their employees –

  • Running innovative employee engagement activities through the HRIS
  • Create social forums on your HRIS System and conduct polls, quizzes & surveys to drive higher degree of employee participation
  • Incentivize employees to use the HRIS for daily activities
  • Discourage and at some point, discontinue entertaining requests from anywhere but your HRIS
  • Don’t build processes that accepts exceptions

However, the best strategy is to get a critical mass of 40% – 45% population to adopt and champion the use of your system. This causes an avalanche of user adoption throughout the organization.

And if you are still struggling with increasing user adoption, please reach out to’s time to get your HR tech investments to pay off!

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