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Getting paid at the right time every time is important. While accurately executing payments for one of the largest expense overheads in any organization, namely employee salaries and wages, is a task, it does not end there. Ensuring timely inputs from various input sources across the organization, validating payroll tax anomalies, and ensuring compliance with all local laws before disbursing salaries is a task by itself, which Neeyamo has been able to deliver for over a decade and more.

So, are you looking for a career that allows you to be the go-to person for all things payroll pertaining to Mexico? Read on!

Your role in a nutshell

You will be responsible for ensuring that our client's employees in Mexico get accurately paid. Your ability to grasp country-specific payroll information and stay abreast of all the payroll-related changes in the respective country will be an integral part of the role. Handling headcounts and processing payroll while maintaining utmost confidentiality will play a crucial role in your success as a Payroll Team Lead.

Core Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for processing payroll for our client’s employees in Mexico and achieving 100% accuracy promptly by banking on your in-depth knowledge of processing payroll in the country
  • Equipping yourself with country-specific payroll information is a must and it's essential to draw on your in-depth knowledge of the nation's local compliances and laws, tax system, and payroll processes.
  • As a Country Payroll Team Lead you are expected to timely deliver payroll for clients and resolve queries within the given SLA
  • Coordinating with vendors and in-country experts during the specified payroll period and thoroughly understanding Neeyamo’s PayNComp is a must
  • You are expected to continuously update and maintain country-specific research documents for the (region) for future references
  • A key responsibility will be for you to keep the process as unambiguous as possible. Ensuring client accounts are clean and free of any anomalies is a must

Experience and Skills

Past Experience:

  • + 5 Years of experience in Payroll field.
  • Experience in processing payrolls +1000 HC.
  • Using shared services is a plus, In country partners.
  • Have been participating in payroll implementations is a PLUS.
  • Annual federal and deferred tax returns: SAT.
  • Recorded risk reports IMSS, SAT.

Education and Certification Background:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting would be beneficial.
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish) Intermediate level.
  • Payroll-related certifications are a huge plus

Other qualifiers:

  • Showcasing a thirst for growth and demonstrating successful past engagements
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills

Work Culture

  • At Neeyamo, every employee will be deemed a kNight where qualities such as fairness, integrity, mutual respect, performance, and ethics are held in high regard
  • Each kNight at Neeyamo is selected through a rigorous screening process to ensure that deserving candidates join the organization.
  • Neeyamo’s relatively young workforce is always seen to infuse a lot of energy on the floor – with several events and programs.
  • The organization offers a multi-cultural work environment that enables every individual to excel beyond pre-defined geographic boundaries.

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