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Language Expert


Nothing shines brighter than an employee's face on payday. A seamless payday experience is precious, and at Neeyamo, we ensure timely and accurate input from organizations worldwide to make that happen. We make this possible by interacting with various partners, clients, and other professionals to receive, validate, and process payroll data across multiple geographies in different languages.

Here is where you will come in! If you’re a Swedish expert willing to support our delivery, sales, marketing, and global expansion team, this is the opportunity for you!

Your role in a nutshell

You will be a part of our global language expert network, supporting us in interacting with regional partners, authorities, and customers. Your primary task will include interpretation, document translation, and tool localization. You’ll help our delivery team understand the client/partner queries, the sales team pitch to prospects, the marketing team localize online content, and the global expansion team interact with local authorities and translate business documents.

Core responsibilities

  • Resolving translation requests/queries on calls, MS Teams, E-mails, and tickets.
  • To work as an interpreter in calls with internal & external stakeholders.
  • To attend client calls as maybe the business needs.
  • Translate the business documents provided as per agreed timelines.
  • Support Neeyamo businesses to operate smoothly in relevant geographies with dependencies on local language needs.

Experiences and Skills

Past Experience:

  • Worked as a language expert for voice and non- voice support (Preferred but not mandatory)
  • Customer service experience.

Education and Certification Background:

  • Any graduate degree.
  • At least 60% score throughout high school and graduation is preferred

Other qualifiers:

  • Proficiency in Swedish and English.
  • Verbal communication
  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal skills

Work Culture

  • At Neeyamo, every employee will be deemed a kNight where qualities such as fairness, integrity, mutual respect, performance, and ethics are held in high regard
  • Each kNight at Neeyamo is selected through a rigorous screening process to ensure deserving candidates join the organization.
  • Neeyamo’s relatively young workforce is always seen to infuse a lot of energy on the floor – with several events and programs.
  • The organization offers a multicultural work environment that enables everyone to excel beyond pre-defined geographic boundaries.

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