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Co-authored by Tanya Gupta on Aug 25, 2016

As an existing SAP SuccessFactors Customer, you must be aware of the SAP SuccessFactors Quarterly Releases.  You cannot afford to ignore them as it allows you to make most of new trends in HR. Most New Release features are Opt in – meaning customers have to enable them in the system. Some features are pushed to the customer whereas some other major features will need the Implementation or Support Partner to Step in.  But as an HR Practitioner, few major predicaments that you face are –

  • Will this add value to my current HR Processes?
  • Is the update worth the cost and time and is change management going to be complex?
  • Will the upgrade disrupt the existing configurations?

The role of the implementation and support partner is critical here – Functionally and Technically. They should be able to evaluate and determine whether an upgrade to your SuccessFactors system is beneficial.

In this blog post, we would walk you through some recent upgrades that Neeyamo has performed for its customers and the value provided to the customer.

1V12A performance management template

During our Healthcheck processes, and support engagements we helped customers understand how a V12A form can significantly change their Performance management process for good. We help them visualize how the V12A makes it easier for managers to find what other employees think. The Get Feedback feature helps managers get an insight on anyone in the team. The V12A review forms are smarter and are optimized to provide the information managers need to give a thoughtful feedback. It also introduces Pods – Pods offer performance information in a graphical and user-friendly way and help managers complete the performance management forms quickly and accurately.  The V12A also reduces the dependency on consultants as HR Practitioners can pretty much perform all functions through the admin tools.  Our consultants explained the shortcomings of the older versions and helped customers leverage the V12A template.  Our team has helped at least 5 customers with the PM V12A upgrade – the USP of these implementations were that it did not break the existing Performance Management process.

2. Absence without end-date

We had a couple of customers complaining that their employees wanted to be able to apply for leave without mentioning the End Date.  Earlier this option was not available in SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors required a start date and an end date while applying for leave.  With some recent advancement in SuccessFactors Time Off feature, this problem has been overcome.

Neeyamo’s expert consultants have helped customers understand that configuring Absence with an undetermined date allows an employee to apply for leave for an undefined period. SuccessFactors offers the Time Off feature in a paperless environment – by providing an option for attaching documents (such as medical certificates or any relevant document) and providing comments.

3Escalation to a workflow

During one of our support engagements, we found one of our customers struggling with stalled workflows.  We helped them understand how an HR practitioner can save a lot of time using a simple upgrade which allows escalation of a workflow and frees you from stalled workflows. No more sending out follow up emails to get a task completed! The update allows you to define parameters such that a pending workflow is escalated to the right person after a specific number of days.  If you are a SuccessFactors customer and are having problems with stalled workflows, then this is the update you should ask your partner to turn on.

4. Continuous performance management or 1:1 meeting

Many a time customers complain that investing on a powerful SuccessFactors Performance Management System has not made significant changes to the employee experience in the review process. Employees renounce the annual performance review – For many, it’s a dreaded annual event.  We have had customers thinking about doing away with the Performance Management process.

SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management (CPM) brought a change to the traditional approach of performance management. CPM focuses on structured and frequent performance reviews promoting engagement and employee participation in all levels.  Performance management is no more a year-end affair.   We have helped many customers functionally leverage this update better by helping them improve their performance management process through CPM and draw more of it.  Our customers have expressed great happiness with the implementation as they see more employees taking ownership of their work and being engaged and inspired.

5. Document generation

On a daily basis an HR practitioner spends ample time on document generation (experience letter, address proof, salary certificate and so on). Although all the employee data was stored in SuccessFactors, earlier there was no provision of using it to generate a document. Many of our clients were still using mail merge to send the HR related letters. When SAP introduced Document generation in SuccessFactors last year, we send out a note to all our existing customers and explained them how this would be a significant addition to their HRIS system.  It has predefined templates for documents with place holders or tokens to pull live data from the system.   This allows the HR to generate a report by a simple click.  This can emailed to the employee as well.  We have implemented this for all of our customers and they have expressed significant relief.  We have also made HTML customizations to these templates by placing Logos, digital signatures etc.

SuccessFactors releases regular upgrades which help keep your HCM processes compliant and in line with technology and process advancements.  In order to maximize the benefits of upgrades it is recommended to partner with an experienced HR service provider who has a vast knowledge on SuccessFactors and HR domain. Partner with Neeyamo to get a smooth and efficient upgrade experience. We can support you in strategic planning, change management, testing, and training.

If you are looking forward to a partner who can help you leverage the SuccessFactors upgrades, please reach out to irene.jones@neeyamo.com.com.

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