Neeyamo announces Stanford University’s Baba Shiv as Keynote Speaker at Rise Above 2020 Summit

Los Gatos, California, USA, November 4, 2020 – Neeyamo Inc. is pleased to announce that Baba Shiv from Stanford University, will be delivering the closing keynote at Rise Above 2020 – A Global HR Evolution Summit, taking place on November 12 & 13, 2020.

Baba Shiv is the Sanwa Bank Ltd., Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is known for his extensive work on the emotional brain, documenting its powerful role in shaping decisions and experiences.

Among several engaging sessions planned as part of the summit, Baba Shiv will be delivering the closing keynote address on the compelling topic, ‘Dear HR – Do you think you have a collaborative advantage?’

In his session’s synopsis, Baba Shiv explains, “Today, the most precious resource for any organization is its talent. Not just talent, but collaborative talent – smart individuals who are working across organizational entities to make 1 + 1 = 4. This flies against basic human nature – humans inherently possess tribal instincts; the ‘us versus them’ spirit can kick in instantaneously, as many laboratory experiments have shown.  As organizations grow, there will always be a proliferation in the number of tribes – we may call it as silos, but they are actually tribes.  It is this proliferation in the number of tribes that will very often stymie efforts at fostering ambidexterity within organizations, where the organization is effective simultaneously at exploitation and exploration”.

Prof. Shiv will share his thoughts and experiences on tribal instincts, how to break down these instincts, and, thereby, create an environment with collaborative talent.

Samuel Isaac, CMO and SVP at Neeyamo said, “We are extremely glad to have Baba Shiv deliver the closing keynote at Rise Above 2020. The Neeyamo contingent have found it illuminating to be a part of Stanford’s SEED program, which gave them the wonderful opportunity to get inspired by Prof. Shiv. Having an influential personality like Prof. Shiv, with strong expertise in organization strategy, entrepreneurial leadership, customer-focused innovation, and neuroeconomics-based marketing instils confidence in us that the summit will offer immense value and takeaways to the audience.”

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About Rise Above 2020

Rise Above 2020 – A Global HR Evolution Summit is a collaborative initiative by Neeyamo and a cohort of global industry associations, focused on exploring newer possibilities to set up the HR agenda for 2021 and beyond. The summit aims to be a confluence of several eminent personalities of the elite global HR space. The platform will showcase 50+ HR changemakers, 38+ engaging sessions, and 2 days of power-packed agenda, aimed at helping bridge gaps and sharing experiential insights. To know more about the summit, visit