Neeyamo named as High Performer by HfS Research in its Multi-tower Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) Blueprint Report

California, US , May8, 2014

Neeyamo Inc., a specialty provider of end-to-end human resources outsourcing (HRO) services, announces its inclusion in the “High Performers” group of the HfS Research Blueprint Report, Multi-tower Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO): Rewards, Remuneration, and Recognition – The Foundation of Workforce Support Services. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, HfS Research is the leading independent analyst authority and knowledge community for the global business and IT services industries.

The Multi-tower HRO Blueprint Report is the first application of HfS Blueprint methodology on the human resources (HR) business function. The study investigates the foundational support services of the employer/ employee relationship: payroll, benefits, and employee contact center administration. Blueprint reports identify market-relevant service provider capabilities as well as evaluate differentiators in outsourcing service providers in two main categories: innovation and execution.

Neeyamo is among the leaders for overall innovation in RR&R, and HfS recognized Neeyamo for the following:

* Strong delivery of payroll
* Flexibility to deliver both end-to-end and point solutions
* Use of technology, security, social media, mobility and cloud capabilities
* Strong pricing flexibility
* Concrete plans to deliver value beyond cost and investment into future capabilities

Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO of Neeyamo, said, ‘‘HfS’s recognition of Neeyamo as a ‘High Performer’ in Multi-tower Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) validates our value proposition and the ability to deliver solutions that meet the changing and more sophisticated needs of the market today.”

In addition, he said, “Succeeding in this changing HRO landscape requires developing solutions that are innovative, flexible, and streamlined to deliver unified operational discipline and a supportive customer experience. As an organization, we will continue to invest heavily in expanding our multi-country/ global solutions that delight HRO buyers and employee end-users alike.”