Rangarajan Seshadri Neeyamo’s CEO address the India Conclave 2015 conference on Good Compliance Practices for Global Payroll at Bangalore

Chennai, India , Mar19, 2015

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a leading global provider of HRO and Global Payroll solutions, today announced its partnership with National Academy of Indian Payroll (NAIP) as a Gold Sponsor for the ‘India Conclave 2015 on Good Compliance Practices’.

NAIP is conducting an exclusive conclave on good compliance and HR practices covering labor law, customs & excise, payroll, HR and income tax. This conclave is set to bring together government authorities, industry thought leaders, customers, technology partners, and solution experts from across India and Neeyamo’s CEO Mr. Rangarajan Seshadri will be presenting at the conference that is scheduled for March 20 at The Hotel Capitol – Bangalore.

Rangarajan Seshadri stated “There is considerable interest in the global arena for a working global payroll solution. Neeyamo aims at providing a Global Payroll solution that will bring synergy and efficiency to organization’s Global Payroll Strategy.” He added, “At the conclave, the plan is to set a platform to discuss flexible, integrated, extended and universal payroll system for addressing multi-country payroll needs.”

“Customers are worried on the need to manage multiple vendors, inherent compliance risks of a globally dispersed payroll, and lack of visibility and control on the process. Neeyamo’s proprietary platform and its solution is a result of this need and validation of our solution across large number of deployments addressing customer needs across 100+ countries”, added Samuel Isaac, VP – Strategy and Head of Marketing at Neeyamo.

NAIP Chairman, Mr. Nayaz Qazi said “We are extremely delighted to have Neeyamo as a Gold sponsor for the Indian Conclave 2015. This platform addresses organizations need for a strategic outsourcing of its Global Payroll in terms of cost efficiency, best of breed technology support and more. Neeyamo can play a significant role to assist you by providing simplified solution by utilizing the cloud efficiently to get ahead of the competition.”

The Human Resource department is transforming to be a strategic support function for organizations. Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of Glocalized (Global and Local) Compliance. This event will see law makers, government officials’ business gurus and global leaders set the agenda on the current trends and need of HR corporate world.

About National Academy of Indian Payroll

“The National Academy of Indian Payroll launched in India in January 2010 in association with its strategic partner the Governing body of Payroll in the UK, The Queen’s Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), is considered a significant milestone in the acceleration of India as a provider of Professional Services. The NAIP infrastructure is supported by leading employers, practitioners, members of key National and State Organisations from both Government Agencies and Employer Forums and leading Labour Law Advocates and Senior Compliance Authorities who are and have shaped Compliance issues and interpretation of for example key legislation such Provident Fund, ESIC, Gratuity , Bonus Act, definition of Wages , Factories Act , Outsourcing.”