Open your eyes to the new and improved world of HR

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The new age invention of computerized eye gear from Google can be a handful. The hype that surrounded such a marvel piece of technology, can it be justified?  Is this just another fad that people, with time may lose the enthusiasm?

I know for a fact, I would take about million pictures of my girlfriend in a single day, but yes I know that is not the whole purpose of a Google Glass; it was engineered to make it a great tool for a varied work place.  So being your typical HR ops go to guy, I asked myself, how can I use it for advancing HR Operations? My focus on using the Google Glass for HR ops is because I believe; we are the engines that drive the biggest asset in an organization.

The use of Google glass, will infuse a lot more life into the HR operations, and yes a bit of confusion too, that has to be expected. Welcome aboard the new and advanced world of HR [please put on your Google Glass],

Onboarding: The most crucial process, here an employee gets the first view of the big picture. Let us say the HR addresses each one by name, helped by the face recognition feature, I know you might say what is so special about this, and there is a lot more to this than just knowing the name.  To top the experience, give them each a turn with this designer engineering, this glass would help them find directions and identify key people in the organization, and much more.  Remote onboarding, which usually becomes a nightmare can quickly become a  stroll in the park, as the communication with visuals would just make it that much simpler, the language barriers would no longer be an issue as my glass would do the translation required, no getting lost in weird alley, ain’t that cool!

Training and Development:  Does our training reach the length and breadth of the organization? The answer is a big no. Now with Google Glass the training could reach even people working out of their homes, with a nod of their head they would be watching the live coverage of the training session with lot more interest.  It becomes that much simpler to carry out simulation training .

Measuring HR Efficiency by Benchmarking:  Delivering effective business decisions and value creation depends upon having efficient resources. All organizations have people who stand out of the pack so what do they do different from the rest.  Google glass gives us the opportunity to study these super humans a little closer, it could help us study their work place behaviour and it could also give us the insight on how they actually work, the analysis could prove vital in producing more superheroes that are just damn good.

There could be more to this wonderful gadget, but yes, I know, this high tech gadget like any other new invention, has its own pack of sceptics. It has its own share of controversy especially regarding the privacy issue, but remember it’s the HR who frame the policies, Like  planning the policy for the use of most of the tech gadgets lets frame a special and just policy for this marvel engineering artefact too.

Google Glass is the way to go, just open your eyes and find life is better than you know.

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