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Neeyamo is a rapidly growing HR service and solutions provider establishing its footprint in remote markets and geographies complementing its business strategy. The organization has significantly invested in developing its network of partners across leading platform, services and technology solution providers to provide competitive business solutions to its customers.

As Neeyamo’s partner, organizations stand to gain services/ solutions and our expertise across the entire gamut of HR irrespective of the geographic region. We can mutually leverage our expertise and offerings to bridge the prevalent gaps in the HR industry thereby creating a partnership that is of mutual benefit. Our combined solutions can create unique propositions and service offerings that would help us to penetrate and establish our presence across geographies.

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Neeyamo’s Global Partnership Ecosystem aims to create a network of the solution, platform and service providers who complement its overall business and go-to-market strategy. Neeyamo’s constant drive and passion in addressing the existing whitespaces in the HR industry has led it to identify niche areas to collaborate with select partners and thereby derive increasing business value to customers at large. Through its network of alliances, the customers are provided with a host of solution alternatives to opt from underpinned by robust governance models.

If you are a company with the customer base that has a right expertise to collaborate, we look forward to seeing you engaged and integrated as a part of our Global Partnership Ecosystem!

Let's Collaborate!

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