Track your employees’ training better with Record Learning Facility featuring in SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System

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Record Learning Facility in SAP SuccessFactors

By Akanksha Matkar, 11 January 2019

Are you looking forward to planning new training sessions in your Learning Management system for your employees? Are you sure that the training is tracked for all formats of content including PDF? I know it involves tremendous investment of time as well as money, hence it is important to determine that employees use the training provided, effectively. SAP SuccessFactors has a good solution for tracking training. SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System is a module in the SuccessFactors HCM Suite that helps design a variety of learning and development courses. LMS has the ability to record learning for all formats of learning courses using the AICC Wrapper and SCORM 2.1 as online content in LMS. Seems interesting, right? Want to know how it is possible? Well, let’s see what it is and how it works.

  • AICC as online content :

AICC stands for the “Aviation Industry CBT Committee”. This was an international association of technology for Computer-Based Training (CBT) professionals. The AICC association provides well-defined rules and standards to communicate between the training content and the Learning Management System and vice versa. The primary motive of AICC is to track online content. AICC has the ability to track basic interactions like bookmarks, duration, exam scores, and record completion. AICC content is published in and support four primary files: CRS, CST, DES, and AU. SAP SuccessFactors provides us with the ability to record non-tracking files as well. Non-tracking can be Non-AICC content or SCORM standard content. The non-tracking files can be PDF, videos as well as presentation files. AICC Wrapper can be used in this situation as it hecks the time duration for which a file is opened. The SAP SuccessFactors version which supports the AICC tool version is as follows:

Aviation Industry CBT Committee
SAP SuccessFactors version which supports the AICC tool version

Benefits of AICC:

1)  AICC and AICC Wrapper can reside on any domain and platform and still maintain the ability to record content and launch

2) Non-tracker content can record learning on current location even if it not in the same domain

3) The learner is signed-off from the course and is registered as completed only when the user Agrees or Disagrees in the dialogue box at the end of the content


  • What is SCORM content :

SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model”. SCORM communicates between client and host system, which is also called as “Run Time Environment”. It interacts with the content record completion. The SCORM content is packed in a transferable ZIP file called as “Package Interchange Format”. The ZIP file format can be created using “Content Development Application”. The option to purchase published ZIP file is also possible. There are two primary versions in SCORM content. The versions can be classified as following:

Shareable Content Object Reference Model
Versions of SCORM

SCORM content however, has one limitation. It does not support content in different domains; it means that there is a domain restriction to record SCORM content. Hence, it is recommended, to upload the SCORM data on the i-content server.

Benefits of SCORM content:

1) SCORM is capable to support more complex interactions than AICC content. For example, question level analysis is possible to track.

2) I-content server is included in the purchase of SAP SuccessFactors, which is beneficial in a business point of view. 

  • Generic Architecture of AICC


General Architecture of AICC

The diagram explains the flow in which the AICC and SCORM works. Whenever a user logs in the LMS learning, the list of contents or the course appears in the profile catalog. The document is pulled on the system (once selected) from the content launch page. The users’ data will be recorded when the content is initiated for learning. The administrator must upload the Online content in AICC or SCORM format for record learning. The tracking frame will start to track a document and the times spent. The response given by the tracking frame is sent to the LMS learning and accordingly, the record is created. The SCORM and AICC content is downloaded once the course is started, but the learner will not be able to download and store, as well as edit data.

  • Steps to implement AICC Wrapper and SCORM 2.1 content in SAP SuccessFactors:


Steps to implement AICC Wrapper and SCORM 2.1 content in SAP SuccessFactors

    Steps to implement AICCWrapper and SCORM 2.1


Even though Record learning seems to play a small role in the Learning Management System, it can help with many important things and prove quite useful. We can analyze the difference in the performance of employees who have completed the course with ones who have not. AICC and SCORM content does not download the document when opened, hence assuring better enforcement of safeguarding companies’ private data.  It is helpful to get a clear cut idea whether the time and the money invested in the growth of employees is utilized efficiently or not. Hence SAP SuccessFactors will provide you with a complete record learning facility for contents having different data formats and indirectly provides the value for your money.

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