How to select the best HRIS system?

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Select the best HRIS system

By Kalyani Rasane, 08 February 2019

Are you struggling to find the best HRIS software for your organization? Well, you are not alone. Most organizations struggle to choose the right HR Solution, that can enable HR departments to focus on strategic initiatives, reduce HR Operations and engage employees which can save time and cost.

Given that this is an important decision to make, how do you ensure you take the right step?

The following 7 suggestions can help you to find the answer.

  1. 1) Evaluate your requirement

While selecting an HRIS for your organization, it is very important to analyze your needs versus wants. The package selected should meet current business needs and it should have the flexibility to grow and expand with the organization into the foreseeable future.

  1. 2)Watch your budgetary constraints

You need to realize that investing money in your choice of HRIS system is not an expense but an investment. While knowing your budget is an important aspect, you should not settle for an application which would fit in your budget range but wouldn’t fulfill your business needs. Instead focus on the effectiveness of the product and its long-term benefits

  1. 3)Address your technological constraints

Your IT department and HR department should work hand in hand to analyze the technological constraints of the organization. Check for the below technological aspects before making a selection of HRIS system.

  • Compatibility of the system to meet organizations security requirements.
  • Alignment of the solution with your IT strategy (Cloud vs On-premise, Middleware etc.)
  • Check if there are any other IT projects that are impacting or being impacted by your project
  1. 4)Define scalability

Your HR software should stand the test of time. As you evaluate the perpetuity of a HR software, you can ask the following questions to see if the product you are selecting is scalable:

  1. Are there limitations to the number of employees the software can support?
  2. Does it support the benefits your organization offers to the employees?
  3. Will it help streamline the processes throughout?
  4. What enhancements or upgrades can you look forward to futuristically?

It is very important to understand how your company intends to grow and accordingly plan for the future.

5)Look for seamless integration

HRIS systems provide flexibility for integration with third party systems. The  integration process has many challenges involved, such as understanding different business scenarios, data storage structures and need to analyze different system processes for effective and accurate integration. The most important thing with integration is, it can be performed with the existing systems as well. So it is always recommended to first check with the existing system vendor for system compatibility and other challenges.

  1. 6)Determine the Return On Investment

Determine what to expect for return on investment and analyze how soon you will achieve it. To figure out the return on investment, is a concrete way to find out the financial impact of the new service over time.

  1. 7)Selection of a Vendor

HRIS system is a long term investment for a business which will be used for many years to come. So it is essential to find a vendor who can stick with you through thick and thin when it comes to supporting your requirements.

Three important points should be considered while selecting a vendor.

  • Vendor Stability
  • Availability of tech support after the installation of the HRIS system
  • Experience in HRIS product and period of time that the vendor has been in the business

Selection of a vendor is the same as forming a partnership. So make sure you are making the right choice.

While selecting HRIS system you should also consider the time required for implementation, system compatibility with current HR trends, flexibility to support different languages and most importantly, data security and compliance. HRIS systems give permission to the user to review and manage employee information. This reduces the need for employees to contact HR personnel for every HR related activity. This contributes to the reduction of frustrations and helps to increase employee contentment.

At Neeyamo we are a complete workshop and we have worked with multinationals to streamline their HR processes and implemented tailor-made HR solutions that best suits their need .  We have used our experience to put together some vitals that would help you arrive at the right decision and ensure a quick ROI.

If you are an organization looking for a complete HRIS solution from the multitude of options available or if you already have a solution implemented and need support, please reach out to us at

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