The consequences of neglecting background screening

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A stringent selection process puts your candidate to the test, but if you think you know them better after a series of interviews, then think again. Candidates line up for the selection process wearing professional attire and holding a handful of records prepared to impress your HR at the first opportunity. But stats tell us that a large number of resumes submitted contain fabricated information, and the only way to figure that out is by performing a pre-employment check. If you feel like there aren’t enough reasons to do a pre-employment screening on your potential employees, here are 5 risks you are running into:

Your potential employee could be a criminal:

Kellogg and Northwestern University’s Pritzker School researched on hiring people with a criminal record. The researchers found out that, people with a criminal past were more likely to be fired for misconduct. Hiring a candidate with a criminal history could tarnish the reputation of your company and create a highly volatile atmosphere in your office. An employer has the right to examine a candidates’ criminal history. But the only way to truly obtain information about a candidate’s criminal past when he/ she intends to conceal it is through a criminal background check. A professional background verification service is a must to liaise with the local police authorities to obtain genuine criminal information and make a well-informed.

The probability of hiring a wrong person is 1 out of 6 without background screening:

The rise of diploma mills and fake organizations have increased your risk of recruiting unqualified candidates. 1 out of every 6 candidates hold exaggerated or misrepresented records to persuade you into giving them the job. Fake degrees and false employment records are frequently used by applicants to get hired, and it takes more than just a phone call to find out the truth. Background service providers use multiple methods including personal visits to the university/ organizations where candidates claim to have graduated or worked to extract genuine information. Applicants with fake resumes don’t just lack integrity and honesty but are not qualified to fit your job description. A simple background verification exposes this fraud and stops you from hiring the wrong person.

Negligence in doing a background screening could jeopardize the safety of your workers:

Employees with a history of drug abuse and criminality are highly erratic and pose a threat to their co-workers. Workplace violence and misconduct can be ascribed to neglecting employee drug tests and criminal checks. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA),9% of the estimated 22.4 million illicit drug users are employed either full time or part-time. A substance abuser apart from struggling with productivity will also impede the performance of his/ her co-worker with their inappropriate demeanor. Drug tests and criminal checks prevent such mishaps making your office serene and a better place to work.

Increased attrition can also be attributed to improper background screening:

Employees with inadequate qualification often find a way to your organization through falsified information. But they never last for long owing to their lack of productivity and inability to handle the job entrusted to them. Pre-employment screening emphasizes quality over quantity and ensures you hire the right candidate from a stack of applicants who apply for the job. Hiring ideal candidates with an excellent attitude and qualification can mitigate employee turnover and also boost the overall productivity of your organization.

Your Employee’s social media presence and global database say a lot more than you think:

Employers who perform social media check on candidates have increased phenomenally over the years. This implies the rapid adoption of social media by people to communicate and exhibit their personality and talents. Social media platforms and global databases such as criminal watch lists, credit databases, and civil litigation databases can reveal the positive and negative aspects of your candidates that may escape you during the selection process. Neglecting these checks will impede you as an employer from knowing the best or worst side of your candidate when selecting amongst top applicants who compete for a crucial position. The process for running social media and database checks can be cumbersome, but pre-employment screening providers are specialized in running comprehensive checks on social media platforms and hundreds of databases to help employers across the globe make important hiring decisions.

Background screening has gained tremendous popularity across the world over the past few years due to its significance and the current state of affairs that threaten every employer. Verification should be a mandatory part of a company’s onboarding process to mitigate all the risks mentioned above. Apart from the obvious benefits that background screening offers, it also ensures that your company hires the best candidates who would guarantee perpetual success.

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