Transforming Employee Development through eLearning

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By Prashant Nair, 06 June 2018

In every organization, the key factor for overall success is “employee development and learning”. Technology enhanced learning or eLearning is a great way for organizations to access a wide variety of instructional content. If used properly, it can boost employee engagement levels and facilitate “any time”, “any place, and “any device” learning for your workforce. The primary hurdle for any organization, aiming to be a “learning organization” and looking to utilize eLearning, is to decide where to start and which tool, technology and platform to use.

For any organization who looks to transform its existing workforce, it is imperative to encourage the right culture. A learning culture is an amalgamation of organizational values, processes, conventions, and practices that facilitate the enhancement of existing skills, development of additional expertise, and strengthening its core competencies.

Latest trends indicate that organizations are opting not to use the traditional off-the-shelf training courses to train their employees. Although this approach makes economic sense, not everything that’s priced low and easy to access gives the best results. In this blog, we provide 4 concrete reasons to speculate in custom eLearning course development.

4 reasons to have a Custom eLearning Course Development:

  1. High degree of customization:

There are hundreds of training courses authored by various writers covering topics related to your work, which are used as tools while training your employees. However, knowledge gained by your employees, on your organization’s goals, objectives and policies is often moderate. Every organization’s goals and objectives are unique; hence, this demands custom-made eLearning courses that are devised per an organization’s requirement which in-turn guarantees their suitability and relevancy to work. Training materials which are readily available might offer an outline of the subject, but at times fail to give the actual knowledge and competency to the employees to overcome their actual problems and to get an advantage over the competing market. Hence, custom eLearning course development becomes a reliable resolution to coach your workers for the competitive market outside.

  1. Knowledge Repository:

Custom training courses created by analyzing business processes and SOPs (standard operating procedures) results in having documented courseware.  Moreover, tying this courseware as content in your Learning Management System will help strengthen the availability and accessibility of the knowledge repository by the organization’s employees.

  1. Custom eLearning mitigates the thought of ‘one-stop-shop for all’:

An external author of an eLearning course would be unable to formulate the exact training requirements of the organization as much as you. The knowledge and information about organizational needs, structure, target audience, etc., can be used to customize courses which are directly related to an organization’s business needs. For example, HR policies for new hires during induction is helpful only if it speaks about policies related to the organization instead of general policies that are spoken in commercial courses. Hence, customized eLearning course helps the organization to maintain a clear communication with their employees.

Also, custom course development can save time for employees by eliminating inappropriate topics. It enables the organization to gain control of the information shared and restrict sharing of courses that are of least significance.

  1. It’s an alternative associate not an option:

You don’t have to make a choice between custom eLearning and commercial courses. However, a mix of both definitely works for the best. Commercial courses can contribute to some aspects of the overall courseware, customized courses can capture the exclusive organization necessities and competitive advantages that the organization would want to convey and equip its employees with. In fact, a Learning Management System like “Skillsoft” can assist and offer stipulate courses to the learners with its perceptive web-based easy interface.

Hence, looking at these merits, custom eLearning is worth every effort and investment – it caters and resolve to current business, learning desires and trainings of the organization’s workers, but it also provides benefits in long the long-run.


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