Will gamification of HR be a paradox or will it better the working environment for the Gen Y and obtain efficient results?

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HR Gamification

by Teena Thimothy  on 29 Jan ’14

Who does not enjoy gaming?  The millennial generation is a bunch who has taken the need and pleasures of gaming to a completely new dimension. Gone are the days when gaming was considered a mere child’s play or yet another pass-time activity. With the advancement of technology, the gaming industry has evolved to dizzying heights.

Every innovation has in its life cycle the early adopters, the majority users and the laggards. Gamification is one such innovation that calls to its use the attributes of a game, to drive a game-like player behavior, all in a non-game context.

Why gaming? Playing games help widen our thinking horizon. Be it a baby, a toddler, a teenager or adult (young and old), tend to explore for newer possibility to help them gain better insight to achieving goals by adoption of newer possibilities. Games of every stream induce into the human mind a new perspective to facilitate efficient decision-making.  Gaming enhances creative and innovative thought process.

In the Human Resource industry, leveraging gamification to understand, educate and facilitate the generation y workforce is becoming the new fad. Most HR functions  benefit by bringing gamification into the picture, be it Talent Acquisition and Management (recruitment) , Onboarding, Learning & Development, Employee Engagement, Succession Planning, Career Planning and so much more.

Let us understand how gamification could be put to use in varying areas of HR,

In Talent Acquisition and Management, when dealing with recruitment of candidates one could put them to work on a virtual environment and see how well they are able to perform, this would be like holding an audition for them, rather than just carrying out an interview.

In Learning & Development, following up sessions online, performing activity and tasks on a simulation system, peer-study activity, etc. By providing points and such one can encourage learning and help employees to personalize and prioritize them to completion based on their own willingness.

In Employee Engagement, we could even turn menial or laborious tasks like daily status reports, audits, employee referrals and the likes into fun filled activities that rewards employees with points, honor table, etc.

In Career Planning, the mentor or manager can help device mission based model to level the playing field and facilitate better and more efficient work culture.

Adoption of an innovative methodology when handling employees today will instill in them a sense of resolve, and ownership, which is far more different from the traditional meaning we associate when we speak of terms like employee loyalty, performance. Gamification is much more than just technology advancement, it constitutes a perspective and attitude oriented trend. It would contribute in reducing attrition rate, keep employees interested, bring into play-teamwork, competitiveness, and influence innovative thinking.

Gamification teams up so many persuasive attributes of gaming, and provides quality ROI for the Human Resource team, as they attract, onboard, train, engage and retain the best personnel of your millennial workforce.

Neeyamo urges you to live and leveraging such advanced technologies of this century to engage your employees and leave out the transactional HR activities to us.

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