Neeyamo rolls out vaccination drives for 2600 employees across Chennai, Madurai, and Pune; provides reimbursement for those vaccinated privately

14 Jul, 2021
2 Mins Read
Chennai, Madurai and Pune, India

Neeyamo, a leading provider of technology-driven global payroll and HR solutions based in Chennai, has effectively organized a series of vaccination drives for its employees located in Madurai, Pune and Chennai. The company has facilitated Covishield vaccination drives for over 650+ employees in partnership with Apollo Hospitals in Chennai & Madurai and Ruby Hall Hospitals in Pune. Neeyamo has plans to immunize its entire workforce within the next 30 days as the company gradually returns to work at its offices.

The company has been conducting a series of executive-led awareness campaigns to encourage its employees and their dependents to get vaccinated. In addition to organizing vaccination camps, Neeyamo has also announced a program to reimburse the total vaccination costs of all its employees who want to get their doses at private centers and vaccines of their choice. This will also benefit those employees who currently reside in their hometowns, away from Global Delivery Centers.

Neeyamo has revamped its wellness policies to cater to the current scenario. Hospitalization leave can be availed by those who test positive by verifying the RT-PCR test, regardless of getting admitted or undergoing self-quarantine. Over the past few months, Neeyamo has been focusing on various internal awareness programs on its internal employee engagement platform NeeyamoWorks POST™.

Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO of Neeyamo said, “At Neeyamo, our highest priority for the past two months has been to ensure our employees’ health and wellbeing. The second wave was quite challenging, and we would like to take all measures to make sure that our employees are safe. We are committed to ensuring a safe return to work, and employee vaccinations are the first step in this direction. From sanitizing our offices regularly to mandating social distancing, we are extending all possible efforts to ensure employee wellbeing by going over and above government-recommended regulations and safety practices as we reopen our offices.”

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