Global expansion is a key attribute of successful organizations.  With a widespread workforce contributing towards growth from various geographies, your firm can reach the success in a short span of time. But handling payroll for your global workforce could present an unforeseen challenge. With your employee population fragmented across countries, payroll becomes more complicated due to various compliance requirements. You may often find yourself distracted from your core business, paying more attention to paperwork instead of your organization’s primary goals and objectives.

Neeyamo has its core focus on your organization’s non-core (yet significant) business functions. Our global payroll solution is a combination of advanced technology, extensive global compliance knowledge and service expertise that covers 150+ countries. Over the years Neeyamo has studied and addressed the most complex global payroll challenges faced by several multinational organizations. Neeyamo has accomplished this leveraging our single proprietary global payroll platform – NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™ ) unifying input, processing, and delivery of an innovative technological solution.

Global payroll setup for a multi billion dollar European FMCG company

Global Payroll


Neeyamo’s global payroll solution is a powerful blend of technology and service excellence that is tailor-made uniquely for the requirements of each customer. NeeyamoWorks Pay™ (formerly PayNComp™) – Neeyamo’s global payroll platform is a holistic solution for all your global payroll challenges. Unlike traditional payroll applications, NeeyamoWorks Pay™ was developed using Neeyamo’s proprietary Cloud First, World First© design philosophy. Built ground up, it incorporates next-generation technological capabilities including bots’, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Its layered architecture supports extended payroll capabilities covering the upstream (input preparation, validation) and downstream (compliance, helpdesk) activities on a single platform. A powerful AI driven payroll engine, a global dashboard providing complete and real-time visibility, a robust self-service portal and an intuitive helpdesk that we call “SmartDesk” combines into one powerful platform that is ideal for all your payroll needs.

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    Our expertise

    Globally Integrated Payroll Platform

    Our global payroll technology - NeeyamoWorks Pay™ is a truly unified cloud-based solution that has been purpose-built to simplify the complexities of global payroll and maximize automation. Its highly configurable framework supports multi-lingual and multi-currency functionalities and integrates easily with all popular HRIS and Time & Attendance solutions. This integration automates the flow of data across systems. Talk to us today to schedule a demo of NeeyamoWorks Pay™ and see how its powerful dashboard provides multinational customers with a completely consolidated view and analysis of payroll operations across the globe.

    Robotics and Automation

    Neeyamo have taken a giant leap in payroll automation by incorporating robotics and AI as integral components of our global payroll system. By identifying various rule-based and repetitive tasks such as input vs output validation, variance controls, alerts based on tolerance levels of acceptable deviation etc, we have deployed the Robotics processes in our platform to not only automate several manual tasks, but also to increase efficiency and leverage smart assistance to end-user through data and information mining from the database.

    Strong Compliance Framework

    Significant consequences can result from non-compliance with statutory payroll regulations that will hamper your business operations. Neeyamo has established a robust triangulated compliance framework to ensure our customers are 100% compliant with tax laws and regulations in every country that they operate.

    Delivery Excellence

    Our global and proximity delivery centers across the globe along with our wide-spread network ensures we provide a standardized global solution with localized payroll processing. Neeyamo has a robust service delivery organization that is powered by certified payroll professionals who work round the clock to support our customer requirements. We follow round-the-clock approach to ensure your payroll operations are supported real-time no matter where.


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