Everest Group's Multi-country Payroll Platform Assessment Designates Neeyamo as an 'Achiever'

27 7月, 2016
Achiever by Everest Group

California, USA – 27 July, 2016 

Neeyamo Inc., a leading provider of Global HR and Payroll solutions, has been positioned as an 'Achiever'  on Everest Group's first ever assessment of Multi-Country Payroll Platforms (MCPP) published in July 2016. Everest Group's research evaluated several platforms across five key parameters and identified Neeyamo's Global Payroll platform (PayNComp ) uniformly medium to high across various sub-dimensions of functionality, usage  and execution effectiveness. 

Neeyamo has made rapid strides since entering the global payroll marketplace with its disruptive business model, which takes a HR-first look at payroll. Traditional payroll providers focus on building the payroll engine and having the customer key in or upload data.  PayNComp  integrates with our customers' HRIS systems and automatically picks up HR transactions that impact payroll and eliminates the need for providing "payroll input" separately. 

PayNComp  was designed and built ground-up as a cloud application and currently supports 250,000+ lives across 125+ countries. The award-winning platform has a scalable architecture that allows high degree of flexibility in configuring the system enabling organizations to quickly transition their payroll to  PayNComp  and leverage advanced system functionalities. 

"Neeyamo's  solution  is rapidly being embraced by global organizations with a multi-country footprint,"  said Rangarajan Seshadri, Neeyamo's CEO.  "Our vision is to provide a solution that is highly technology driven, value-added, and user experience centric solution. We will continue to invest significant development effort in this platform to make a go-to solution for everyone needing to pay employees in many countries." 

About Neeyamo:   

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions (P) Ltd. is a global provider of end-to-end Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) services specializing on providing HR IT, HR Consulting, and HR Operational services. It offers HRO services on proven best-of-breed technology platforms and delivers them using a global delivery model ensuring customer proximity and local law compliances. Neeyamo has a unique delivery model for its HR service offerings to meet specific market requirements. Its service lines cover entire pre-hire to post-retire employee life cycle. To learn more, visit: