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Long Tail HR – Centre Piece of our strategy

Multinationals with operations across a Long-Tail of countries with a large portion of employees in the home and a few secondary countries, and the remaining employees thinly dispersed across many countries pose unique challenges to the HR function.

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global hr solutions

Thanks to the ever-expanding market; the HR department has been left to grapple with a diverse set of employees from Vegas to Victoria. They have been trying to provide consistently superior experience and proactive support – all the while scampering to future-proof their HR practices in a fast-changing global ecosystem.

Imagine a solution that has been designed keeping your local business and your global workforce in mind. Address the needs of your Polish employees in Polish, pay your one employee in Cambodia on-time and all this while overseeing your 30,000 employees from your New York headquarters getting their enrolments done on-schedule without exception – Wondering how?

Behind every future-proof HR organization lies a technology backbone built on exponential innovation, a team that is aligned with the vision and driven by passion, and a global delivery infrastructure that helps you deliver services by the tick of the clock – anywhere, anytime. That’s Neeyamo for you!

Neeyamo is transforming the way HR services are delivered and consumed worldwide.
It is its people, passion and products that make all the difference!

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  • Early on Zuman’s development, Neeyamo showed a willingness and ability to assist us in process documentation and process engineering has allowed us to streamline our operations. We are fortunate to work with such a talented delivery team. The result has been our ability to focus on the development of our business model, software and service infrastructure at an accelerated rate. The relationship has been an important one as we continue to build Zuman.



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Neeyamo announces its successful achievement of SOC 2…

California, USA,  February 18, 2020 – Neeyamo Inc., a leading platform-based global HR & payroll services provider is elated to announce that it…

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A big shoutout to all the guests who showed up braving #LondonSnow!

#HRTransformationnSummit #London #WithNeeyamo

It's our pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to all our guests! Setting up for a quick networking session - breaking the ice and just knowing a little more! #HRTransormationSummit #London #WithNeeyamo


What is continuous real-time background screening?: A spotlight

An Intelligence Group survey says that the average cost per hire is €4,494, including personnel costs! For decades, pre-employment background…

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What a typical HR Services Team’s day is…

“Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us. This is the HR Services Team, how can we help you?” That…

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