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A digital radar to global HR compliance


Log in and comply!

On the face of it, Global HR Compliance does appear complex! Built using proprietary Cloud First, World First design approach and offering global, real-time cloud access, Neeyamo Compliance is your one-stop tech-enabled solution for global HR compliance. Understanding the HR compliance obligations of your business operations worldwide is the key to staying globally compliant - therefore, Neeyamo Compliance!


Comprehensive global compliance library

Cross-border payroll & HR compliance initiatives have many facets and therefore needs to go comprehensively global to stay compliant with everchanging statutory regulations. In addition, the global organization must comply with organizational policies, employment agreements, code of conduct, and institutionalized internal practices. Neeyamo Compliance serves as a repository of a comprehensive global compliance library.


Compliance command center

With Neeyamo Compliance, your organization can create real-time tasks that track internal and external compliances. The solution's in-built global calendar throws proactive alerts and notifications that ensure the timely completion of tasks and avoid penalties. In addition, the interactive global compliance command center allows HR leaders/managers change priorities, delegate activities, and track task status anytime, anywhere.


Virtual compliance vault

Neeyamo Compliance holds a global compliance audit log that tracks all updates. The solution's easy-to-navigate multi-format document support and user-friendly features help you maintain and quickly locate required files and documents for audits. In addition, its flexible framework helps with uploading, approving, archiving, and tracking the progress of all compliance-related tasks and provides intelligent access to relevant historical data & records.

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