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Simplifying global workforce management with a technology-first approach to harmonizing and optimizing global payroll

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Neeyamo Global Payroll Tech Stack

Technology-first solution for all your global payroll and EOR needs

Global Payroll Core

Neeyamo’s Global Payroll Technology Stack is integral to ensuring a single global engine that powers the global payroll platform At the foundation of Neeyamo’s Global Payroll Tech Stack is its core set of products that sets the foundation.


Experience the power of a holistic global payroll ecosystem!

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Single global engine at the heart of our ability to process payroll worldwide

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A simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution to the complicated global payroll process

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Ensure data security by establishing secure perimeters while ensuring compliance to various mandates

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Remain compliant to ever-changing global and local regulations

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Eliminate silos to form HR and payroll ecosystem operating from unified data environment and certified connectors

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Discover technology-first modules with innovation at its nerve centre


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