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We help manage and pay employees no matter where they are!

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Simplify your global payroll operations through a tech-enabled solution that supports multi-country payroll management, taxation, time, absence while ensuring you stay compliant with local laws.

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Tokyo, Tottenham, or Toronto – Neeyamo’s Employer of Record solution – Global Work allows you to hire where the talent is.

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Flexible Solutions for Companies of all Sizes

A meeting of executives from a Large Multinational Enterprise (MNE) collaborating on a global payroll strategy. They are discussing challenges and solutions for compliance, processing, and services to achieve a holistic global payroll ecosystem
Large Multinational Enterprises
Consolidate your multi-country global payroll operations to establish highest levels of accuracy, oversight, and control.
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Diverse team strategizes with global payroll solutions for multinational growth
Mid-Size Multinational Organization
Flexible global payroll solutions with ancillary HR point-solutions configured to support localized country-specific requirements
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A diverse group of professionals discussing solutions to support the rapid global expansion of small and medium-sized businesses (micro-multinationals). Topics include global payroll challenges, compliance, processing, and outsourcing options.
Micro Multinationals
Solutions to support organizations aiming for rapid growth and expansion.
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A Solution for all your Payroll and EOR Needs

A business meeting focused on deploying Neeyamo's Global Payroll solution. The group is discussing how to streamline payroll processes for their international operations using a single, unified platform.
Deploy a single solution for multi-country entities
Neeyamo’s global payroll solution helps organizations consolidate their payroll landscape across 160+ countries.
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A team meeting focused on international talent onboarding using Neeyamo Global Work. The group is discussing strategies for efficient and compliant onboarding across borders.
Onboard talent across borders
Lacking a local entity is no longer a barrier to hire international talent.
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A meeting of business professionals focused on navigating the complexities of HR and payroll regulations on a global scale. The discussion centers on ensuring compliance with international requirements.
Comply with global HR & payroll mandates
Stay compliant across your global payroll, tax, and HR operations through Neeyamo’s technology-based compliance solution offering.
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Our Differentiators

What makes Neeyamo the best suited to power global payroll & EOR for MNCs

  • Global Payroll Technology Stack
    • Single Solution
    • Supports payroll & EOR
    • 15 products’ suite
  • Native Payroll Engines
    • In-built calculation engines
    • AI & ML enabled
  • Payroll Integration Engine
    • Certified connectors
    • Proprietary integration engine
    • Data control
  • Pre-configured compliant HR solutions
    • Time & Absence regulations
    • Local payroll
    • Local tax
  • Global presence
    • All geo-regions
    • Global delivery centres
    • Regional hubs and proximity centres
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Connect with us and our experts can help engineer the right solution that best suits your need – be it to hire an international employee or to pay your global workforce – we’ve got you covered!

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