Onboard talent abroad effortlessly and anywhere

Onboarding international talent is no longer a distant dream. Deploy a tech-enabled Employer of Record solution that allows you to extend your product and talent portfolio.

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Recruit international talent to accommodate your organization’s vision for growth

A single solution with a powerful payroll engine that supports ancillary HR solutions

Accommodates both short-term and long-term engagements

Expansive EOR capability that extends to ~150 countries

Onboard talent anywhere

As organizations look to expand, managing remote & international hires becomes an absolute necessity. Powered by our Global Payroll Technology Stack, Neeyamo’s Global Work leverages our expertise in managing cross-functional payroll & HR processes. Our holistic approach provides you with full control for managing your extended workforce while allowing us to take over lengthy administrative processes while ensuring compliance to local regulatory requirements. Our pre-configured HR & payroll instances bring you an affordable solution that enables you to focus on what’s important: finding the international talent your company needs to thrive.

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One Solution – many modules

Neeyamo’s proven global payroll tech stack for monitoring employee activity makes international hiring easier than ever before.

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Glocal delivery

Our sheer expanse in service delivery allows you to hire employees in over 150 countries. Ensuring compliance to local regulatory requirements and managing HR & payroll processes are never showstoppers.

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Enhanced Employee Experience

Our employee portal gives your international hires the confidence and support they need to integrate within your company and community.

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Our Mission - To empower you

We work hand in hand to help you employ and retain your international employees by guaranteeing superior support for payroll & HR requirements

Global Work powered by Neeyamo’s Tech Stack
EOR Payroll stack

Neeyamo’s global solution suite comes pre-configured with country specific compliances for its modules such as Time, Absence, Payroll & Benefits to that allows faster implementation and deployment

Our proprietary platform solution provides seamless integration courtesy of an easy-to-use global gateway. Certified connectors include major global Human Resources Information System platforms reducing manual overhead.

Neeyamo Global Reports offers dashboards that help with gaining actionable employee insights that assist you in making the right decisions. The dashboard is updated automatically with inputs from employees streamlining connectivity.


Making Our Mark On The EOR Arena

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Neeyamo expands its solution portfolio with Global Employer of Record (EOR) Services in 150+ countries

GlobalWork is Neeyamo’s EOR solution that allows organizations to quickly and compliantly onboard employees worldwide. Its single global payroll engine and its integration-ready pre-configured proprietary global payroll technology stack power the solution.


Making Global Work Easy

Ensuring you have access to the talent you need to propel your business forward in a borderless world.

A Technology-first Approach to Global Payroll And EOR

Unsure whether this is the right product to meet your needs or excited to start? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Reach out to our team of experts to learn more about our technology-first solution and get started on transforming your employer-of-record journey.

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