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Product Highlights

Navigate increasingly complex global leave policies with ease


Flexible absence plans

Neeyamo Absence enables you to configure and streamline complex absence plans easily. Its vast global library of pre-configured plans reduces setup time while helping the organizations stay compliant and help them imbibe best practices. These configurations include custom-defined criteria, leave & absence rules, accrual definitions, entitlements, and validations.


Smart calendar

The smart calendar provides universal visibility of leave transactions and serves as an administrative console. The absence approval workflows are designed based on the organization's policies and triggered by smart actions. Proactive alerts, notifications, and messages help the user take appropriate action. The peer-view feature helps employees plan their paid time-off based on cross-team availability and allows managers to take adequate measures to plan projects.


Global leave policies

With a flexible configuration approach, Neeyamo Absence allows organizations to support all applicable leave policies. Swift configurations allow quick deployments while considering all policy exceptions and variations across the entire spectrum of statutory and organization-governed rules. A central policy console configured to reflect applicable policies enables all possible absence transactions and decisions.


Simplify compliance & mitigate risks

Neeyamo Absence automates monitoring rules and requirements pertaining to country regulations, local laws, and org-level policies. This includes electronic document management. The audit trail provides the relevant history when required. In addition, the systems automate risk-prone jobs such as validation approvals and other controls, improving reliability and reducing risks.

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