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Product Highlights

Provide value while remaining globally compliant


A single global benefits administration strategy

An intuitive "one-stop shop" to design benefit plans and packages to offer global employees anywhere – to enroll, understand and consume entitled benefits. The tool is designed to provide optimized value through flexible choices and plans that can be configured based on their geography, industry, employee demography, global processes, and culture.


Comprehensive yet personalized benefits

The system serves as a hub for all benefits-related transactions, cutting across all benefit types, including statutory, non-statutory, and company-based benefits. The intuitive and flexible design process can support a high degree of personalization – including configurable life events – despite being a global system. It transparently communicates organization’s investment in its employees and aids employees in making informed selections.


Integrated compliance & control

In an increasingly regulated environment, our powerful yet flexible solution provides strong controls and alerts that will not just monitor but alert and drive compliance. Data-driven insights and proactive alerts ensure compliance, while 360-degree dashboards, audits, and reports provide effective global visibility and control. Neeyamo Benefits provides maximized control along with centralized governance and administration.


Reconciliation & reporting

Benefits management includes audit activities such as determining dependent eligibility, comparing carrier invoices, cost management, and miscoding analysis for self-funded plans. Neeyamo Benefits also offers powerful reporting capabilities via its benefits dashboard that gives comprehensive visibility and analysis. This allows you to take actions to drive engagement and improve the overall employee experience.

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