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ONE global solution powered by ONE global engine


Truly single global engine

At the heart of Neeyamo Payroll is its revolutionary global payroll engine – a single gross-to-net engine – that powers its global payroll and delivers unparalleled advantage in terms of consistency in outcomes and simplicity of administration.


Reliable local compliance

Neeyamo Payroll leverages its proprietary global network of employees, consultants, and international partners to keep organizations compliant in whatever country or region they serve. It codifies compliance to drive 100% local compliance while simplifying global governance of payroll.


Smart & secure system

Neeyamo Payroll's autonomous payroll technology leverages hyper-automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics to improve payroll quality, reduce processing time, and improve the overall payday experience. Furthermore, its global framework provides robust and hardened security.


Friendly integration

Reduce manual overheads via seamless integration through a single global gateway that is easy to establish and reliable to operate. Neeyamo's proprietary IntegrationManager, platform agnostic solution, certified connectors to major HRIS platforms, including Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, offer seamless and reliable data exchange. Neeyamo’s ability to deploy its natively integrated Global Payroll Technology Stack further provides a single holistic system of record with ancillary HR solutions thereby eliminating the need to integrate.

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