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Product Highlights

Digitize your expense management process


Employee expense management on the go

Submitting expenses is often tedious and inefficient for employees and finance departments. Neeyamo Expense™ digitizes your expense management process and helps reduce the time spent on accounts payable and other administrative overheads while helping your finance team manage all expenses online.


Flexible multi-level workflows

The tool provides configurable expense booking and approval mechanisms via complex multi-level workflows. Automated workflows guarantee a swifter reimbursement for employees and approvers have complete visibility to claims acting as an interface between the employee, manager, and the finance department. The enterprise-grade workflows enable automatic follow-ups, expense approvals, and a comprehensive approval trail.


Improved visibility and spend control

Neeyamo Expense provides 100% automated expense reporting with comprehensive approval trails that identify and eliminate human error risks. The interactive dashboard allows you to monitor effectively, and control spending via alerts, notifications, and messages. It enables budgets to be set up and enforced per policies and authorizations, while centralized spend authorizations and spend freezes provide unprecedented flexibility and control.


Real-time spend reporting with actionable insights

Neeyamo Expense provides you with real-time reports and data to aid with gaining actionable insights. The ability to drill down and have a multi-dimensional view of transactions across stages, categories, and user-profile, provides improved visibility translating to informed decisions. These actionable insights help control costs while automating compliance.

Platform Overview
A power-packed product that provides real-time visibility and control
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