NEEYAMO Document Generation Utility

Create HR documents proficiently with autogenic features and extensive templates repository

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Accelerate global HR document creation


Truly Customizable Bulk Document Generation

Neeyamo Document Generation Utility - the future of document generation - concocts all your document creation and disbursement requirements and puts it at your fingertips. It allows you to create documents using flexible templates and intelligent workflows. It is a document automation software that simplifies, streamlines, and sends your HR documents anywhere and in any form.

leverage global templates

Create/ Leverage Global Templates

We have plenty of pre-configured document templates, including for statutory documents. The tool allows you to create a fresh new template quickly. Choose from a comprehensive collation of predefined and pre-configured templates to acquire the required documents instantly. Inputs are derived from the integrated database with the option of customizing documents just the way you want.


Integrated Document Generation

Neeyamo Document Generation Utility allows you to streamline HR document generation with cloud-based storage and send the documents via email or with integrations. Create and procure documents instantly with our tool concocting data and adding them to your preferred template. Then, use its outbound and inbound integration to efficiently disseminate the document globally.

Maintain confidentiality

Maintain Confidentiality & Security

Secure documents centrally by restricting access and modification. Maintain confidentiality with integrated workflows and digital signatures. With tailored workflows and security at the framework level, ensure privacy and conceal documents. Have confidence in your document generation with advanced security features – including SSL, encryption, secure storage, and framework-level application security.

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