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Service Desk

Smart ticketing & case management

Neeyamo ServiceDesk transforms low-level “log & flog” ticket handling functions into a business productivity system that provides value by providing intelligent routing with the ability to pull contextual employee data via integration. It is a modern case management system that is purpose-built for global HR with smart automation at its centre.

Service Desk

AI-enabled omnichannel multi-lingual support

Neeyamo Payroll leverages its proprietary global network of employees, consultants, and international partners to keep organizations compliant in whatever country or region they serve. It codifies compliance to drive 100% local compliance while simplifying global governance of payroll.

Service Desk

Machine learning enabled knowledge base

Our highly intuitive and user-friendly interface is built to enrich user experience using smart bots that bring knowledge and query administration to a single platform. Responses to frequently asked questions are dynamically updated and made referenceable in the knowledge base through ML algorithms. The information is dynamically captured, smartly organized, and contextually shared via employee self-service.


Pre-emptive assistance

Intelligent analytics allows HR teams to pre-emptively find resolutions to trending issues and initiate interventions where required. It uses automation to manage requests and reduce repetitive tasks. Furthermore, the tool provides contextual suggestions to employees and through the smart-assist interface and intuitive knowledge base; query resolution occurs even before raising a ticket.

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