Neeyamo organized its Fifth Exclusive Annual Analyst Event – nLight 2021

11 Jun, 2021
2 Mins Read
California, USA 

Neeyamo Inc., the global leader in offering global HR & Payroll services to multinationals in over 190 countries, hosted its fifth exclusive invite-only annual Analyst Day Event – nLight on June 11, 2021. The event focused on bringing together critical stakeholders, analysts, advisors, influencers, and thought leaders in the global HR industry, to acquaint them with the latest developments across Neeyamo’s business verticals and throw light on future endeavors.

For the second consecutive year Neeyamo held nLight as a virtual event following the uncertainties and travel restrictions that was posed by COVID-19 since 2020.

Through the event, Neeyamo’s key leadership team addressed a global audience about recent developments at Neeyamo and its overall vision to help multinational organizations evolve beyond borders through its end-to-end HR & Payroll solutions. Further, the team presented an inside look at Neeyamo’s roadmap for the upcoming year and revealed its new R&D vertical – the Skunkworks Factory. The event also witnessed the launch of the GAIN (Globally Accelerated Implementation from Neeyamo) methodology which is aimed at fast-tracking the implementation process of Neeyamo’s solutions for its customers.  The event offered an opportunity for the attendees to connect directly with Neeyamo’s leaders to understand the organization’s goals, positioning, and differentiating capabilities.

Samuel Isaac, Senior VP – Strategy at Neeyamo, said, “We are pleased to have hosted a diverse set of analysts, advisors, and leaders from the HR fraternity worldwide at nLight 2021. We were able to present our plan and progress towards achieving our goal of ‘One World, One HR’ by helping multinational organizations evolve beyond borders. Furthermore, we were able to throw light on Neeyamo’s plans for the forthcoming years as we continue to grow across new markets and geographies and win brilliant customer deals.”

About Neeyamo

Neeyamo is a leading platform-based HR solutions provider focused on delivering global HR and payroll services to multinational organizations with operations across a long-tail of countries. With an extensive team of professionals serving clients across 190+ countries, Neeyamo leverages its unique service-based model and functionality-rich, next-generation portfolio of HR products to help organizations enable agile and scalable business. Neeyamo envisions to stand at the forefront of revolutionizing the global HR ecosystem and meet market-specific requirements including Global Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Administration, Background Screening, Global Compliance and Employee Helpdesk. Visit www.neeyamo.com to know more.