Empower the youth of tomorrow

Here are some inspiring stories of the students with Neeyamo Foundation

Student testimonial : Akshay
Akshay Umate  
"My name is Akshay Santosh Umate. I am pursuing my B.Tech from BRACT’s Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, at Pune. Though I had scored 93% marks in my Diploma I was not confident about getting admission to a prestigious college in Pune, because of my difficult economic condition. But Neeyamo Foundation and Sarojini Damodaran Foundation came in time to support me financially to continue my education. I thank both of them for standing with me”
Student testimonial : Dhanraj
Dhanraj Nikam
“I am Dhanraj Jalindar Nikam. I am from Yavaluj in Kolhpur district. I am doing my B.Tech in ‘Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering ‘ at Rajambapu Institute of Technology at Islampur.”
Student testimonial : Harshavardhini
“I’m studying at PSG College of Arts & Science in Coimbatore. Since we were not able to go to college, I had to struggle a lot during the pandemic to cope with my studies. I was very happy when I saw that I have scored 91.6% in my first semester. Thanks to the Neeyamo foundation for standing with me in this struggle.”
Student testimonial : Manjula J
Manjula J
“I’m from Kanchipuram district and currently pursuing B Com at SDNB Vaishnav College in Chennai. I have secured 87% in my first semester exams. I worked hard to get good marks even though the class were conducted online. Thanks to Neeyamo Foundation for supporting me to achieve my goal.”
Student testimonial : Shreya Panwar
Shreya Panwar
“I’m Shreya Pawar and I’m from Satara district. Currently, I’m studying B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology in Pune. I have scored a 9.77 SGPA. I‘m thankful to Neeyamo Foundation & Sarojini Foundation for aiding my education without which, I would never have gotten into an engineering college in Pune.”
“Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.”
William Clay Ford Jr.

Our Activity Highlights

To Advance Our Initiatives and Create Impact

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Setting the direction

Formulate strategic plans for implementing chosen academic projects

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Selection process

Identify and choose beneficiary students with consistently high scores/grades with challenging economic background

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Engage external stakeholders and actively promote mentoring programs for the chosen students. 

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Periodic Evaluation

Based on periodic assessments, provide recommendations towards effectively furthering the foundation’s objectives. 

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Collaborate and maintain relationships between the company and educational or charitable groups. 

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Provide periodic performance status reports on the status of the projects to the Board of directors.

A teacher engaging with a student during a class session while other students work independently in the background, embodying the Neeyamo Foundation's mission to empower youth
Two students collaborating at a table with documents, with one holding a pen and the other using a smartphone, sharing inspiring stories.
A smiling teacher, supported by the Neeyamo Foundation, assisting a young student with her work in a bright classroom setting.

CSR Volunteer Group

Harmonized CSR initiatives

Our volunteers and partners across the country work hard to identify deserving students who require financial support and mentorship for career advancement. They further ensure that all processes are well catered for the students' upskilling.

Neeyamo corporate social responsibility volunteer group 1
Neeyamo corporate social responsibility volunteer group 2
Neeyamo corporate social responsibility volunteer group 3