Sales & Business Development

Director Sales - LATAM

Mexico City

As the Director of Sales, LATAM, at Neeyamo, you will drive our regional expansion. You'll strategize, coach, and close deals, leading a high-performing team to achieve a $3 million annual target. Imagine captivating C-suite executives with presentations showcasing your HCM or HRO SaaS solutions expertise.

You'll mentor and train your team on effective sales execution, leveraging CRMs, and navigating complex RFPs with your proven track record. We're looking for a direct sales champion with a strong LATAM network (CHROs, CFOs) to build relationships with target companies.

Your role in a nutshell

As our Director of Sales, you'll strategize, coach, and close deals to dominate the market with our SaaS solutions (HCM/HRO a plus). Impress C-suite execs, train your sales team, and leverage your LATAM network (CHROs, CFOs) to conquer targets and land deals.

Core responsibilities

  • Lead and Motivate High-Performing Sales Team: Guide and inspire a talented sales team to consistently exceed ambitious revenue targets (USD $3 million+).
  • Develop and Execute Strategic Sales Plans: Craft data-driven sales plans aligned with market trends to achieve business growth and market share expansion in the LATAM region.
  • Build and Manage C-Suite Relationships: Cultivate and manage strong relationships with C-suite executives (CHROs, CFOs) at leading LatAm companies, driving strategic partnerships and securing high-value deals.
  • Identify and Secure New Business Opportunities: Proactively identify and pursue new business opportunities within the LATAM HCM/HRO SaaS market, expanding the customer base.
  • Develop Winning Sales Presentations & Proposals: Craft compelling sales presentations and proposals tailored to C-suite decision-makers, effectively communicating the value proposition and securing new clients.
  • Coach and Mentor Sales Team: Provide ongoing coaching and development opportunities to build a high-performing sales force.
  • Support Sales Team in Deal Pursuit: Collaborate closely with the sales team throughout the sales cycle, providing strategic guidance and support to close deals.
  • Proven Track Record in Direct Corporate Sales: Extensive experience in direct corporate sales, achieving success within the HCM/HRO SaaS market (experience with ADP, ADAM HCM, SAP, Oracle a plus). No channel sales experience required.
  • Expertise in RFPs & Formal Processes: Proven ability to navigate complex RFPs and formal sales processes within large organizations.
  • CRM & Sales Technology Proficiency: Highly skilled in utilizing CRM and other sales tools to optimize sales operations and performance.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Exceptional written and oral communication skills, with the ability to tailor presentations and proposals to resonate with C-suite audiences.
  • Extensive Network in LATAM: Strong network of contacts within the LatAm market, particularly among C-suite executives (CHROs, CFOs) in HCM/HRO SaaS companies.

Experiences and Skills


  • Someone who has worked in a corporate environment and has worked in a similar role will be preferred.
  • Should showcase professional behavior and uphold company policies and guidelines.
  • Capability to perform tasks autonomously and handle multiple responsibilities concurrently.

Work Culture

  • At Neeyamo, every employee will be deemed a kNight where qualities such as fairness, integrity, mutual respect, performance, and ethics are held in high regard
  • Each kNight at Neeyamo is selected through a rigorous screening process to ensure deserving candidates join the organization.
  • Neeyamo’s relatively young workforce is always seen to infuse a lot of energy on the floor – with several events and programs.
  • The organization offers a multicultural work environment that enables everyone to excel beyond pre-defined geographic boundaries.

Location and Shift

  • Mexico City- Remote & On-site as per work needs.
  • Full-time job, Monday to Friday.


  • There would be a monthly Gross fixed salary.
  • This role will attract sales incentives as per the Neeyamo Policy.
  • Each person will have a revenue target, with the specifics of this target outlined in a separate communication along with the offer letter.

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