HR Enablement

Language Expert - German


At Neeyamo, we believe breaking down language barriers is critical to connecting our diverse teams worldwide. We are seeking a fluent German speaker to serve as a Language Expert, supporting our HR enablement teams. As Neeyamo expands internationally, you will play a critical part in conveying information accurately between languages and cultures.

Your role in a nutshell

You will be a part of our global language expert network, supporting us in interacting with regional partners, authorities, and customers. n this exciting role, you'll provide real-time interpretation and translation to bridge our English and German-speaking worlds. You'll translate documents and materials to resonate across cultures. Your exceptional bilingual skills will facilitate understanding in meetings, trainings, and events.

Core responsibilities

  • Managing German as well as English Language (voice and non- voice) support along with translations of documents.
  • Providing assistance to the clients/employees over calls, emails, tickets and chat and any other line of communication. Track incoming employee queries and resolve them within the SLA.
  • Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone.
  • Follow communication “scripts” when handling different business scenarios.
  • Performing transactions on client HRIS systems or any other platform.
  • Following Quality processes thoroughly – checklists, Standards etc.
  • Adhere to the process guidelines published and amended from time to time.
  • Build sustainable relationships and engage with customers to enhance overall customer experience.
  • Perform and document the root cause analysis to resolve escalated issues and implement appropriate action plans.
  • Manage multiple projects and deadlines while maintaining high-quality work.
  • Maintain confidentiality and protect the integrity of sensitive information.
  • Extending support where language expertise is required for (across organization) basis the availability and alignment with manager.

Experiences and Skills

Past Experience:

  • Worked as a language expert for voice and non- voice support (Preferred but not mandatory)
  • Customer service experience.

Education and Certification Background:

  • Any university/college graduate degree.
  • Proficiency Level in German-C1/B2

Other qualifiers:

  • Verbal communication (Must know English & German)
  • Good Listening and comprehension skills
  • Time-management and interpersonal skills
  • Client-centric and customer service oriented
  • Must possess an eye for detail
  • Professionalism
  • Calling Etiquettes
  • Advanced MS Excel Skills


  • Someone who has worked in a corporate environment and has worked in a similar role will be preferred.
  • Professional qualification attained in the language domain/ Certification level should be “professional”
  • Be a team player and contribute towards the deliverables of the entire project.
  • Should be ready to work from the office and for stipulated hours.
  • Should showcase professional behaviour and uphold company policies and guidelines.
  • Capability to perform tasks autonomously and handle multiple responsibilities concurrently.
  • Strong focus on precision and a dedication to delivering excellent work.

Work Culture

  • At Neeyamo, every employee will be deemed a kNight where qualities such as fairness, integrity, mutual respect, performance, and ethics are held in high regard
  • Each kNight at Neeyamo is selected through a rigorous screening process to ensure deserving candidates join the organization.
  • Neeyamo’s relatively young workforce is always seen to infuse a lot of energy on the floor – with several events and programs.
  • The organization offers a multicultural work environment that enables everyone to excel beyond pre-defined geographic boundaries.

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